The use of rape as a weapon of war in Burma’s ethnic areas

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by Abid Bahar,

When rapes are committed by soldiers, it is the uniform to blame. In this case it is to blame the Burmese army committing the crimes, but is it possible to find out if the rapists are generally from Rakhine Mogh soldiers?

As a researcher on Arakan state, I am curious because, Burma’s army has 30 percent of Rakhine Mogh soldiers. Surprisingly Rakhine Moghs are only 4.5% of the total population of Burma.

Why Rakhine Moghs are preferred? They are preferred before any other ethnic group because of their culture of ethnocentrism and ferocity.

It is also possible that most rapists are Rakhine Mogh because Arakan state has the Rohingya genocide in Burma. It is a lawless state, in here anything could trigger an ethnic genocidal tremor. It would be interesting to trace the name/ identity of soldiers who are doing rapes, whether they are from Rakhine Moghs or from Buma ethnic nationality.

Historically speaking, Rakhine Mogh leaders has the history of using other people (Portuguese for example) to hide their successfully committed crimes in looting and the torture of Bengali people in the Bay of Bengal. They also have the culture of self righteousness and to blame the victim as seen in their protest against the BBC report on Rohingyas of Arakan. An international commission of inquiry should be established to trace the individual perpetrators and be given exemplary punishment.

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