A Rohingya Woman from Nyaung Chaung village was raped by NASAKA forces

Source from Kaladan Press, 7 June 2012

In accord to a villager from Nyaung Chaung village, Buthiduaung Township, a woman namely Hamida the daughter of Abdul Gani was jointly raped by the Nasaka forces.

Ms. Hamida, guessed her age about 29-30 years and together with five females and a male were retuning back from Maungdaw Township to her Anuak Pyin village, Rathedaung Township after having their social visit to their relatives in Maung Daw Township.

She was raped by the Nasaka forces at Thein Taung Pyin village while she stopped there which is enroute to her native Anuak Pyin village, Rathedaung Township on 29 May. After Ms. Hameda who was being raped by the Nasaka forces, and in the next morning, she has complained the case to the people parliament of Buthidaung Township and later on the parliamentarian brought the case to the high ranking official (Deputy BIHQ director)
of Border Immigration director, Police officer in Rakhine State and the concerning responsible regional authorities of Rakhine State.

According to a reliable information from the related village, the Deputy BIHQ director got attention to the complaint made by the people parliament and the Deputy had visited the Nasaka station (26) and thoroughly investigated the case filing against concerned culprits and the related nearby village head
administrators at Nasaka transit location in Buthidaung Township.

As per the direction of the local authorities, to expose the raped crime exactly and as a further evident requirement from the victim,
hospital authority from Buthidaung Township seized the necessary test conduct. Date on first June and second June, the Border Immigration Head
Quarter Director and Tactical Commander and the Regiment Commander from (378) inquired the case at
Transit Station in Buthidaung respectively.

In this connection, the concerned authorities and the state level central authorities are seriously needed to bring the raped offenders to the justice to show the civilians the enforcement of law and order and the restoration of peace, security and justice regardless of race, religion, language, color and custom.

The current situation throughout Rakhine state has been very in the condition of insecurity created by the
Rakhine chauvinistic activities recently happened in Taunggoop Township which are headed By Rakhine National Democratic Party. The RNDP’ s most wanted aspiration is to come out the communal activities related to riots between Rakhine and Rohingya and and then those spreading out intentionally as the like forest fire in nationwide.

Non bias position by the relevant judges in related cases will make real satisfaction to the being foiled partners and the true judgment by all concerned combined authentic rationalization will please the village- track people who will maintain the peace and stability of the nation.

To make peace and stability of the nation, every judgment made by the decision makers or the relevant authorities should be bias less and the well-timed enforcement of law and order in turmoil localities ( NRS) by the security forces should be alert to safeguard the national people.

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