Myanmar media are totally wrong and providing reverse information relating to current violences in Arakan: A Joint Statement-Urgent Appeal to End the Humanitarian crisis in Arakan State

"Myanmar media are totally wrong and providing reverse information relating to current violences in Arakan/Rakhine state."

Maung Kyaw Nu, President of BRAT and (A former Rohingy prisoner of Conscience-U Thant ( then UN SG) Uprising in 1974), sent the following statement today-11 June 2012;
At 10 a.m. at ESCAP United Nation Building Bangkok , the group of the Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand ( BRAT) , People Empowerment Foundation Thailand and other regional and human rights organizations in Bangkok will submit the letter to the UN Secretary General , Mr. Ban Ki-moon, to stop genocide and intervene immediately the killing and burning the Rohingya areas in Arkan state. After submitting the letter to the ESCAP, we will submit the letter to U.S., EU and ASEAN embassies in Bangkok.

Almost 10 out of 17 townships are severely affected and, according to the breaking news today , nearly 1000 Rohingyas including elder, women and children were killed , and more than 50 villages were burnt down. Many were taken by security authorities to some places which no one knows. Most of the young men run to the jungles and hide themselves. There are nearly 150, 000 internal displaced person and some crossed over the border to Bangladesh. The curfew was announced from 6p.m. to 6 a.m. in nearly 10 townships. The burning of houses happened during the curfew time. The BRAT and PEF petition to the international community to intervene immediately the genocide in Arkan state.

This joint submission aims to request the international community to intervene ,the killing of Rohingya areas in Arkan state. Therefore, we would like to invite you to join with us at 10 a.m. at ESCAP United Building Bangkok , the group of the Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand ( BRAT) .

Joint Statement: Urgent Appeal to End the Humanitarian crisis in Arakan State.

We, the Burmese Rohingya Communities in difference countries, People’s Empowerment Foundation and Human Right NGOs in Thailand would like to express our deep and great concern over the ongoing grave situation in Arakan causing great consideration to the people. We are sending our great urgent request to you to immediately intervene and protect million Rohingya people of Arakan from planned way genocide.

The quick deterioration of the situation since the end of last week, after a hideous crime against a young lady turned into racial turmoil with the targeting of Muslims by a mob in Taungup, and later with the targeting of Rohingya villagers by racist Rakhine and government forces in Maungdaw Township. It spread all townships in Arakan state. The situation is more violent, the victim is more women, children and elder. Around 800-1000 people are disappeared. We cannot estimate the number of death yet . High numbers are injuring. We are out of true information what is happening inside after imposing the emergency act 144 by military( Martial law). Some contacts phoned told us that para military and racist Rakhine are burning the people houses and shot the people when they come out. Some Rohingyas are burning alive. Rohingya youth are running to hide in the forest. Some are crossing to Bangladesh. All death and wounded bodies are taken away by the government forces.

News comes out from personal talk of military officer and media that government plan to kill and clean all muslin from Arakan state. The information confirms all UN tangencies and NGO left from Arakan State. If there is no intervention in a few days, all of muslim in Arakan will disappear from this world. Killing and burning the houses is still going on every day and night. The situation is going worse and worse. There is no way to stay silent and to watch the people dying.

1. We urged the immediate action to stop this serious genocide, ethnic cleaning by sending UN peace keeping force to Arakan to protect innocent people.

2. We urge UN to send UN mission to control the serious situation in Arakan State and save the remaining Rohingyas as quickly as possible.

3. It is very serious and grave situation and urgent need for international intervention to save the people life.

4. We called International media to monitor closely on the serious situation in Arakan.

5. We urge International Humanitarian group to step up its presence in Arakan State to support humanitarian work

6. We want to hear the explanation of the real situation in Arakan State from the Burma regime.

7. We also demand that the UN constitutes an independent and impartial inquiry commission on investigate the crime against Humanity and bring the culprits to justics.


Endorsed by Rohingyas Organisaions.

  1. National Democratic Party for Human Rights (NDPHR)
  2. Arakan Rohingya National organisation (ARNO),
  3. Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK (BROUK),
  4. Burmese Rohingya Association Japan (BRAJ)
  5. Burmese Rohingya Community in Australia (BRCA)
  6. Burmese Rohingya Community in Norway (BRCN)
  7. Rohingya League for Democracy Burma (RLDB)

Additional Information:
It’s a serious concern over on going communal violences growing day to day in inside Arakan state that sparked from the day of 3rd June- relating to ten Muslims massacred in Taungup township. The armed forces who are acting as security forces are sided with Rakhine people and explored more brutal violences against Rohingyans. Security armed forces involving Rakhine people are brutally shooting and killing, burning Rohingyan villages including religious buildings, destroying shop lots and looting goods and cash.
The government does not show any sign to stop on going crimes committing by its Rakhine people therefore we Rohingyans need international intervention, urgently. 9am of 10 June, the government also ordered to leave all NGOs from northern Arakan state..
In Maungdaw township:
From Friday at about 2:00pm, 8th of June, the riot police fired more than 40 rounds at about 500 Rohingya peaceful prayers who are going to demonstrate peacefully in Myoma Kayandan village of Maungdaw Town to give the respect to the massacred 10- Muslim in Taungup on June 3. That killed at least two Rohingyas, several other injuries and some houses are burning at the this moment.
Beside, the main central mosque and prayers were attacked by Rakhine people in the presence of riot police. That was the beginning of creation of furious tension and followed attacking each other.
During midnight, the Hlun Htein forces from Ngakura village accompanied by the extremists from the Rakhine village of San Oo Rwa (Hatipra) attacked the Rohingya villagers of the same village, killing one person injuring 3 others. The dead body was carried away by the killers.
In many other villages, security forces corporately with Rakhine people fired into the Muslim houses. When the inmates left their homes, the Rakhine set fire. The villages of Hatalia, Sommonia, Razarbil, Kayandan and San Oo are among those which were also attacked.
Early morning of 9 June, military forces entered into Hunri-fara and shot at Rohyingyas . At least five persons death and the bodies were lifted by truck.
Again afternoon, Rakhines brunt down the mosque after military guarded Narittardil(ward-5).
The following day the following religious buildings have been torched to burn down; 1)Morcos mosque of Sikdarpara, 2)Noapara mosque, 3)Sambanna and Sarkumbo mosques of Ali Thangyaw.
From 9 June, the Buddhist monks and Rakhine extremists escorted by security forces were announcing ‘War on Kalas, (war on Rohingyas) along the street of Maungdaw. This message was spreaded like a wild fire all over Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships.
The villagers also confirmed that many security forces dressed civil-clothes but with arms are firing at the Rohingyas.
In Akyab/Sittwe city:
Thousands of Rakhine people from different towns who are temporarily camped along the beach, are beefed up in attacking during night. Up to now in Sittwe, Rohingya houses in eight villages including eight mosques were destroyed, at least hundred Rohingyans including women and children were killed and another hundred Rohingyans taken away are gone to missing. Rakhine people are still shouting that tonight they would burn down Ambala village.
However, Military authority still neglects the approached of Rohingya leaders seeking to deploy military security forces in Rohingya villages.

Evening local tv(MRTV) came to make video shooting at Rohingya villagers’ resisting motion. In this manner, MRTV could highlight to tarnish the image of Rohingya.
Around 3:00pm of 10 June, Rohingyan villagers from Rohingya-fara near the market were pulled out from homes and beaten, some women were raped, the mosque in the village was destroyed. Their houses in this village can’t be set fire because residents are mixed of Rakhine and Chinese.
Now most of the villagers were shifted to Ambala fara. Rakhines people are shouting that they will soon clean this village too.

Around 4:10pm, security forces and Rakhine people are entered into Ambala village.
Around 4:00pm, both east and west Barsara(Sanpya) villages were attacked. About 10 Rohingya houses of west Basara and the mosque and all most all of Rohingyan villagers were completely gone to missing. About 100 houses of east Barsa village near navy camp and the mosque were also burnt down and many about 50 Rohingyan villagers were killed. Those survived were avoided into other Rohingya villages.
Rohingyans from Shwe Bya villages were attacked by brutally beating, killing, sexually and looting and their houses were set fire. Most villagers escaped by boats but some about 30 escapees were recaptured by Rakhine people were killed.
Rohingya houses in fishing ward of Mizan area near Sittwe Jetty were set fire and villagers were brutally attacked. Some attempted to escape by boat by recaptured by Navy forces and detained by the accuse of fleeing to foreign. Without escalating accurate reason, the VOA aired recently this news.

Around 3:00pm, at least six Rohingyans shot dead and more than 50 Rohingyan villagers mostly from Sakki-fara were taken away after they went out to stop firing houses.

After noon, Duamraung and Bumay villages including the mosque near Sittwe airport were burning.
At around 09:15am, Police Officer Than Htin killed a Rohingya girl (Ramzaan-12yo ), Rohingya boy (Abdu Rahaman-10yo ) and her brother were injured. The dead body of the girl was taken by Paramilitary Forces.
Early morning 4:00am, Harzamya and Nadikya villages were burnt into ashes, at least 13 Rohingyas were shot dead by Police and Paramilitary Forces, 4 injured, 30 other Rohingyan villagers captured by security forces were taken away.
Again they tried to burn Nazi Village but it was stopped by Rohingyan villagers.
From the evening of 9 June, Rakhine people started gangly attacking of Rohingyan villagers and setting fire of their villages after security forces shot fire into the houses.
In Bumay village, under the guide of Rakhine people the police shot dead five Rohingyans during they went into the houses to those Rakhine set fire to go there in order to stop the fire there.

Rakhine people are still rounding with lethal knives and chanting with loud speakers- “terminate kala”, “kala-kala..kill-kill”. Several other Rohingyan houses including houses from Kondan-ward were set on fire.
It is also confirmed that Rakhine people those came to set fire were entering wearing muslim religious dresses. The local authorities plus police forces are encouraging the Rakhine to eliminate the Rohingyas and set fire at houses.
Since the beginning of mass killing of 10 Muslims in Taungup on 3 June, a large group of Rakhine people firstly marched to attack the ancient Foktoli mosque and village of Nazi. But it was broke away by Rohingya villagers and security forces were lately arrived there.
In other regions:
Pauktaw Rohingya village, has been surrounded by Rakhine people from 9 June.
Rohingya villages in Mrauk-U township are underway to be attacked, while dozens of Rohingyas arrested by the Rakhine were taken into missing.
Rohingya villages in Buthidaung township are under highly alert, while the authorities are seizing all kinds of metal knives and etc.
Some villages in Rathedaung were set fire, while the rests are in serious fears.
In Kyauktaw township, Curfew imposed on the Rohingya villagers, asking to stop going out of villages and even from the houses. Dozen of Rohingya youths were taken by authority and not yet return.
Causalities are yet to be escalated from these regions due to no communication available.

It’s learnt from the beginning that despite Rohingyan villagers are confined within their villages under Curfew order, security forces are shooting at Rohingya villagers with cool blood and Rakhine people are still allowed to attack Rohingyans and to fire houses, to loot goods and cash in the present of security forces.
Witnesses say the government also brought several thousand of Rakhine people and armed forces to Maungdaw and Sittwe.
Moreover, it is very terrible that security forces drove away Rohingyan residents by shotting fires into the houses and letting follower Rakhines to torch fire. Again those came out from homes were brutally beaten including some women faced sexually abuses and those fleeings were shot fires.
The mass killing of 10 Muslims in Taungup, sparked to this stage of violence between Rakhine and Rohingya. While authority has not yet taken action against those terror Rakhine people plus other Rakhine people those firstly staged violence against Rohingya in Sittwe on the 4th of June.
Rohingya people occasionally face intolerable violences are because of Arakanese Rohingya Muslims are strucked from citizenship right under 1982 new citizenship law affected on the changes of Rakhine state from Arakan state in 1974.
The mass killing of 10 Muslims by 300 Rakhine in Taungkup on the 3rd of June, was one of the shock wave of their intentional desires of Rakhine people. For Rakhine people, it was a part of exercise of muslim-free-zones defined from year 1983 that consists Gwa, Taungup, Tandwe and Ponnagyuan townships. There were several hundreds of Rohingyans were killed in similar way in these regions and such crime will be carried on until the government implements such draconian act.
Like previous occasions, Arakanese Rohingya people attacked in own lands by Rakhine people with the supports of the government security forces. Therefore Rohingyans are urgently needing intervention of intl communities, world leaders and Rohingya people living in foreign.
International communities including the world leaders need to enhance the Burmese government to urgently halt on going brutal attacks against Rohingya, to take action against those committed crimes and to restore the rights of native Rohingya people including their citizenship right.
Related video report
As you see in the video, the Rakhine vigilantes setting fire in the homes left by Rohingyas and there are no Rohingya nearby. Later on Rakhines carrying looted goods from the houses. All these in the presence of the police. Looks like police is helping the Rakhines.

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  • hla Min  On June 14, 2012 at 7:16 am

    Dear so-called Rohinger associations,
    Giving the wrong informatio and news to the word with the help of foreign medias such as BBC,VOA,RFA,DVB and even Burma campaign in UK, You started this issue. In the first case, your so-called Rohinger associations have been trying to lie the world that Muslim Rohinger are Myanmar national.

    We,Myanmar,cannot recognize muslim Rohinger as ethnic minority group historically because you are just guests whom the British took to Arakan in 1824 as agricultural workers and you will get rights as the guests in democratization but your organization have been trying to capture a part of Rakhine state and be ethnicity of Myanmar. We cannot accept it. And using Arakanese Rohinger, you spoiled the image of Rakhine known as Arakanese and the image of Arakan.

    As you know, in Maundaw district, Bengali Rohingers aer majority and Buddhist Rakhine are minority. Bengali Rohinger terrorized Rakhine known as Arakanese and Rakhine state. You mentiond nothing.That is why, I suspect the news you mention in this webpage. Laying a huge plot, you,Bengali Rohinger are trying to capture a part of Rakhine state with the foreign medias. In my sight, you are terrorists burning Rakhine houses and killing Rakhine people.

    I sympathize with all human beings and we want peace but I don’t want so-called Rohinger associations to disseminate the wrong information and news to the world. In my suspect, at first ,so-call Rohinger association are liars who have been trying to lie the world and capture a part of Rakhine state.
    However, I must review the news come from domestic news according to your website. In conclusion, whatever you are good at English, don’t try to lie the world.

  • Arjun Kanuri  On May 3, 2013 at 6:07 am

    Very soon this web page will be famous amid all blogging and site-building people, due to it’s fastidious content

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