Current crisis in Arakan update today up to evening 20pm and Location of Rohingya villages in Sittwe/Akyab city

Source from NDPHR(exile),


Relating to current crisis in Arakan, there is an important thing to well aware about the account of Burmese officials and Burmese news. For an example, about the first report of Cyclone Nargis during 2008 was 7 persons dead and a few houses damaged. But reality later found that more than 160,000 people dead over million people displaced for years. So, where are their stories?

Clarification: This is not fighting each other but well planned genocide by Rakhines corporately with armed forces. If it is fighting each other then why the authority imposed Curfew, restored Order only for Rohingya? They allowed Rakhines coming into Rohingya villages, torching firing houses, brutally beatings and slaughterings plus sexual abuses, looting.

The government distribute aid for those terrors’ families but cutting off waters, electric, foods in Rohingya villages since beginning.

More than thousand of Rohingya villagers taken away from both Maungdaw and Sittwe by security forces were gone to unknown.


Up date for today up to evening 20:00pm

In Maungdaw: Several Rohingyas were arrested during the night. Unconfirmed reports are coming that there are clashes between military and Police in Shwe Za village during looting from the shops by the police together with Rakhines.

15:pm: A rohingya youth in Udang village and another one in Hongyabil village were shot dead by secuirty forces after the villagers came out to shout Rakhines attacking their villages. The shootings were stopped after military intervened.

12:15am: Rakhines came to attack Rohingya village of Udaung but it was broke away by after villagers came out. In the mean time security forces opened fires upsides that killed a Rohingya mother of two kids.

In Sittwe: There are 1000 of Rohingya dead bodies are uncollected along the burnt down villages of Nazi, Hundhi-Khawla and Ambala villages plus hundred of Rohingya injurues killed in hospitals. This morning, Villagers from these area were dropped to along the beach side of remaining Darpaine village by military trucks. Rakhine and security forces attacking during moving to there, killed some Rohingyans were also laid along the way.

As a result of raining from yesterday evening the fire was stoped near the school and it saved from burning of the Mole-fara(Aungmingla) village.



The draft map of Sittwe/Akyab to find location of Rohingya villages when anti-Rohingya media groups are wrongfully reporting that thoses burnt down houses are their.

Back ground information about Akyab/Sittwe

Akyab is one of the 3rd largest Rohingya population after Maungdaw and Buthidaung. It reached to two third before and during British emperor and Rohingya dialect became a main language for social and commercial dealings. Presently, there are 72 Rohingya villages including Kaman-muslim ethnic and 50 Rakhine villages.

List of confiscations & demolishings in previous years in Sittwe:1) Rohingyas who resided in the town, near by market areas and along Mawlake @ Ambalar main roads were moved to afrer areas for various concerns including requirement of zince roofing, fence, taxes and responsiblities for whatever happen on the front road.

2) the old Thatkaybyin @ Sakki Fara demolished in 1990 when Win Myint promoted as a Rakhine state commander who later became the third secretary of Burma and died in an accident in Mawlamyine. And replaced by military missile force, 818 military camp, military communication camp-4 and training field.

3) the old Santole was demolished in 1990 and relocated at the back of Sittwe Lake. And fishery factory is replaced there and call as industrial park.

4) some houses of Holtaung @ Makyee Myine, along the both sides of the Mayu road, were seized in the late 1990 and built Buddah museum there and Lawkananda pagoda.

5) half of the both west and east Sanpya @ Baasara Fara were relocated in new Thatkayyin in 1990 including some farming lands seized for the golf mart expandation.

6) Rohingya faring lands of Daapaine were used to relocate local Rakines in 1990 and named as Shwe Min Gan village.

7) The half of the Rohingya biggest Mosque area was seized and built the Cultural Museum completed in 1997.

8) The areas today called Yenwesu ( police resident area in Burmese) was Rohingya farming lands confiscated in 1978, and used later of 1990.

9) the area today built up new college completed in year 2000 was also the lands of Furang fara. And the new GTC college area was the Fyalikchaung Rohingya villagers. Most of the farming lands between Fyalikchaung Fara and Shabok were seized for further.

10) 2001, Feb 5, 4 houses had been burnt down in the roit between Rohingya and Rakhine in Mawlake @ Ambalar Fara. The next day on 6 Feb 2001, about 22 houses along Nazi road side in Konden ward, were fired into ashes. Military had introduced Martialallaw for both area before the roit but it did not stop aggresive behaviours. And arrested about hundred of Rohingya youth including who considered as village heads. Those areas were seized and villagers were relocated in Santole and ne Thatkaybyin.

11) All of environment creeks were seized since 1990 used for military income and today tender back to Rohingya for a year.

12) the area today built up there "City Hall" was seized in Nagamin operation but built City Hall there completed in 1998.

13) ancient Bandar Mokan mosque (we call Bodumuhun). It is situated near by east Basara Fara @ east Sanpy. The two rocks lap each other and lie in front of the shrine. It was seized since 1978 but not demolished yet. But, the farming lands near by there were Rohingyas and located Navy camp before 1990. Now, replaced military training school and the building is locked in the compound.

14) ancient Baziaraa mosque, tomb and pound is situated the southern part Sittwe Lake (Kandawgyi) and a Rohingya village near by this was Sanggana village. According to Rohingya villager, this mosque was also built in a bit later time of Bandar Mokan. The village and this mosque seized in about 1985 but the mosque is not yet demolished. This mosque is also locked and Rohingyas allowed untill 1990. And the areas used as military camp.

..will be contined…

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