Alert on the Declaratio​n of Independen​t Rakhine Kingdom

By James,

Full of deadly weapons recovered from Buddhist temples in Akyab (Sittwe) by the military personnel, following the arrest of two Rakhine who attempted to burn down the Rohingya houses and shot the innocents in early morning of 14/06/2012.

These Rakhine acknowledged that they are ready to declare Independent Rakhaing Kingdom. Rakhine are not satisfied with Burmanism. Rakhine don’t want to longer with Burman colonialist, while the ruling Thein Sein Government is giving chance to Muslims, even accepted Muslim representation in Myanmar Parliament.

Bangladesh Border Guard had recovered two boatloads of weapons from Naff River on the dead night of 12/06/2012. Two Rakhines are being detained in Cox’s Bazar and continuously interrogating about the trafficking of weapons on where about it.

Before the declaration of Independent Rakhine Kingdom, Rakhine need to end the existence of Muslims and their identities on the land, while these Rakhine empower people on weapon operation through the development of ceasefire with government. Rakhine people affirmed that upcoming election in 2015 and the power of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi will not allow them to succeed their goals and thus they are trying to fulfill their objectives before the establishment of Government’s Democratization.

Rakhine people based in Malaysia have declared that they will topple President Thein Sein within shorted possible period, expressing strong solidarity with Buddhist communities, creating riots against Muslims across the country.

Once, the Rakhine able to do this, President Thein Sein will be brought before justice and even may face trial at International Court of Justice as well.

Rakhine have also confirmed that their operation will continue till full establishment of Rakhine Kingdom. They are ready to commit kidnapping and killing of Muslim leaders in overseas.

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