update: Ongoing Violence in other towns of Arakan state

Source from NDPHR(exile),

………………………In Kyauktaw township……………………..

15 June, Friday
12:00pm: 21 houses of Rohingya and a mosque were burn down Apaukwa village.

16:00pm: A group of Rakhines attempted to set fire in Fishing village (Zaila-fara) but it was stopped by villagers. In the event, a father and son were betan to dead by Rakhines. Soon after miliatry forces were arrived to controll and droved Rakhines people away. A few hours later, Rakhines started setting fires at huts in Rohingya own farming lands. About 22 huts inlcuding corps were burnt down.

14 June: Security forces suggest the Rohingya villagers to leave with empty hands from their homes in good times.

11 June: selling foods, oil and supplying any kind of aid are banned for Rohingyans while Curfew is imposed only in their villages.

From the beginning, curfew imposed on the Rohingya villages, asking to stop going out of villages and even from the houses. Dozen of Rohingya youths were taken by authority and not yet return.

……………………………. In Akyab/Sittwe city …………………………..
16 June, Saturday
12:00pm: remaining half-burn Rohngya houses were set fire by Rakhines.

15 June, Friday
Evening: A Barugua was died after jumped-off from the top of coconut-tree when military stop him from throwing fire at a Rohingya house in Mole-fara (Aungmingala) village.

Afternoon: remaining half-burnt Rohingya houses of Fishing village (Zaila-fara) were set fire by a group of Rakhines. Military arrived there lately and shot dead two Rakhines and captured the three other Rakhines.

From Morning: Rohingya dead bodies were carrying with Pa-la-ka trucks and burried 20 to 30 bodies in each trench in newly located graveyard near Darpaine village.

In Yangon, Kokaine mosque of Kabaraye road in Yangon was attacked and shops around it were looted by Rakhines on 15 June 2012. But it was stop after miliatry forces arrived there. A few foreign journalists were visted the scene.

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