Update: Additonal report of ongoing genocide in remote areas of Kyauktaw township

Kyauktaw Township
16 June
20:00pm: Rohingya houses in San-ga-daung village were burnt down and 75 Rohingya villagers dead in the attacks by Rakhine people. 49 other children who were taken by Rakhines were missing. The dead bodies were not allowed to bury and Rakhines are continued to attack them so the rest of the villagers escaped into jungle.

20:30: The Rohingya villagers from Falom-fara were leaved from their houses in good time and escaped into jungle. They reported before they leaved from the village.

13:30pm: Rohingya villages of Nai-raung and Bar-fara were burning by Rakhines. Some Rohingya villagers approached at military but military forces who are escorting there said that they have not been given order to shot Rakhines even they attacks. The dead number is not yet informed.

In Sittwe city
Yesterday on 16 June, navy forces returned Rohingya own 30 boats with empty. Rohingya from Sittwe say that those on board were mostly Rohingya women and children are gone to unknown.

Habib (habib.burmese)
National Democratic party for Human Rights-NDPHR(exile)
1) Evidences photos of killings and torching fires at- http://documentary-evidence.blogspot.com/ (or) via my FB
2) The sounds of gun-fires covered at-
3) Ongoing crisis report can be read at- www.bratrohingyathai.blogspot.com , www.arrcinfo.blogspot.com

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  • Rohingya  On June 18, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    Your Excellency With due referance we would like to infrom you that on18th june 2012 afew rohingya were came by swimming. And four small boat came too. We heard by mobile that the BGB did not allow to enter and trun away them. Now they arrested 138 persons from the SHAPERDIP to back them. Also 337 rohingya backed by BGB and Navy. Now the BGB trying to hand – Hide quoted text – over to Burmese govt. If BGB hand over to Rohingya the Burmese govt don’t alive them. So please kindly try to alive victim rohingya

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