Ongoing genocide against Rohingya in Arakan and International Intervention

By James,

While mass killing of Rohingyans by Rakhine people with collaboration of police and Paramilitary forces, is numbered over 10,000, there is urgent need to in place a workable comprehensive action to halt it by both authority and United Nation. As a result of failure by both parties, such crimes are carrying out continuously form village to village, town to town in all over Arakan.

"Burmese armed forces are only threat for minorities therefore powerful countries from the west never interfere effectively in Burma affairs." That is what the government authorities and Rakhine racist politicians well learnt from the past. Neighbouring countries of Burma just received international pressures for poor treatment of refugees but there is no ultimate power influenced over Burma. It is alike- "not solving the root cause but struggling with the tail".

In deed, once Rohingyans are rendered as stateless, they are pertained to international principle. Their existing problems might be solved within international frame work. Because the central government and their sister community Rakhine exclude them from the society.

Please observe fairly:
Why Curfew was imposed only on Rohingya?
Why local security forces who are also Rakhines are sided with the aggressor Rakhines and shot fires at Rohingyan villagers?
Why Rakhines are still allowed openly to attack against Rohingya?
Why the authority distributes amenities for only its Rakhine people while cutting off of amenities for Rohingyans from the beginning?
Why international independent teams are forbad in such crisis.

Be heard:
There is in need of immediate UN and international help to save the Rohingya people. It is clearly understood that the government is not doing anything to save Rohingya people.
The authority is not allowing the general public to bring supply of food from other areas to the effected areas. Therefore, it is seriously important to give international pressures to the government to immediately allow the public supply necessary food, medicine and clothing as well as sheltering equipment.
The same thing happened with over a million of victims of Cyclone Nargis in 2008. Pl learn from the past and please do not let it happen again with defenceless desperate Rohingyans.

Represent the voices of victims:
Internationally ranking media are unable to reach into where violations taking place, particularly in Arakan state. But their reports based on Burmese officials and local media do undermine the situation of victims. Ironically, those reports do not represent the victims but represent who are historically tyrants. Is that another jeopardy? Would their plights be misinformed?
The question here is- how many of ongoing violences in minorities areas were truly reported in Burmese news? Do intl media report them? No..

May intl media reports base on the right account and represent true victims. Pl visit;
1) Evidences photos of killings and torching fires at- (or) via my FB
2) The sounds of gun-fires covered at-
3) Ongoing crisis report can be read at- ,

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