Update report from Sittwe and Maungdaw (20-21 June)

Source from NDPHR(exile),

21 June, Thursday
Afternoon: a group of Rakhines were came to set fire remaining a few Rohingya houses in Mole-fara (Aungmingala ward) but it was broke away soon militay forces arrived there.

20 June, Wednesday
21:20pm: Rohinguya houses along the street of beside the old College were attacked by a group of Rakhines. A house was burnt down and car workshop owner Josh Hla Maung’s building was destroyed.

……………………Maungdaw ……………………….
21 June, Thursday

Na-Sa-Ka (Border Security Forces) told the Rohingya villagers that they can start farming without harassment and they don’t need to escape but they could offer payment.

20 June, Wednesday
Noon: According to Kaladan Press report, Army open fired on Gawdusara village and the villagers – young and elder male- run away from village to escape fear of arrest. The village become unrest and only female are staying in their houses. The female are also fear for rape and harassment.
According to Kaladan Press report, more than 50 Rohingya arrested today from Shwezarr village. Some are;- Bashar with his son; Rashid son of Kalu, Bashor, Iliyas son of Waris, Badiya son of Salim, Shawtar Hussin son of Jamil, Shakayer son of Sulayman and other more.

Rohingya villagers from Kyi-kan-byin (Hawa-bil) were told that at least 100 people must be handed to Na-Sa-Ka. Na-Sa-Ka and military made similar demand from most of every Rohingya village. The villagers say that the arrestees have been taken to Na-Sa-Ka head quarter in Kyi-kan-Byin and some to 10 mile of Buthidaung. This scheme also turns into alternative income for authority by
extracting or extortion money from Rohingya villagers who effort payment.

Massive Rapes In Maungdaw
Source from Maungdaw Township confirmed that today at 5:30am of (20/06/2012), a group of Nasaka forces entered to 3 Rohingya houses, informing to check illegal residents. Upon entering in the houses, the forces routinely raped 13 women aged between 13 years to 65 years.
They are; 1) Lulu wife of Zafar, 65 from Magyi Chaung, 2) Arefah, wife of Elias, 25 from Magyi Chaung, 3) Anwar, wife of Dil Mohammed, 24, Magyi Chaung, 4) Nuru wife of Kala, 40 from Magyi Chaung, 5) Nur Begum, wife of Kala Miah, 45, Magyi Chaung, 6) Arefah, 13 years, 7) Rehenah, 14 years, 8) Tum Banu, wife Gaffar, 45, 9) Yasmin daughter of Gaffar, 16 years, 10) Anwarah, daughter of Shukkur, 17 years, 11) Samirah, and daughter of Abul Hashim, 20 years.
All the females are from Magyi Chaung village, were routinely raped by the Nasaka and military forces. But their names remain disclosed to protect the dignity of the women.
Nur Begum was assaulted with gun barrel, while Yasmin is passing critical life for gang rape. Nasaka official paid Kyat 50,000 to her for basic medication.

The source also confirmed that Nasaka forces involved in massive extortion, torture, rape and killing.


Related news; Helicopters Fire on Rohingya Refugees (20 June)http://www.rfa.org/english/news/burma/refugees-06202012193820.html
(Helicopters open fire in the sea killed 3 of 6 boats load of Rohingya refugees who are fleeing sectarian violence from Sittwe.)

RFA video report (12 June)
Nazi and Fishing villages of Sittwe city burning were covered in this video link but the illogical claim is that setting fires of Rohingya houses were by their own.
Reporter told, "A Rohingya boy killed by Rakhines around Uttama Park is because of this boy was sent to set fire according to Rakhines".

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