UN envoy’s visit to Arakan the lies of military assigned Rohingya MP U Shwe Maung

By NDPHR(exile),

In recent visit by UN envoy- Vijay Nambiar to Arakan, he was warmly welcome by military general in the Sittwe airport. The government assigned Rohingya MP for Buthidaung township, U Shwe Maung and Rakhine MP accompanied by military generals were also there.

The UN envoy who came from U.S.A.(UN) to survey the dept of deaths and damages in where violence occurred, was unable to visit the most affected areas and to meet with Rohingya victims. Beside, Buthidaung MP U Shwe Maung who does not represent for Sittwe township deliberately lied with UN envoy by misquoting that the death tool of Rohingya from Sittwe is around 20 to 25 only. He has to lie too since he and his family were early given protection and shifted to Naypyidaw from Buthidaung township of Arakan by the help of government.

It is another lie and insulting the whole Rohingya community and victims of those lost lives in ongoing sectarian attacks. Recently, we had also discoveredMr U Hla Tan’s misrepresentation on behalf of the Sittwe Township local Muslims and his misinforming letter sent to MP U Shwe Maung and then the letter circulated across the net that written 159 muslims murdered in Sittwe up to 18 June.

However, the truth could not hidden that the most effected areas in Sittwe are East and West Barsara (Sanpya), Fishing village, Shwe Bya, Rohingya fara(Zay-haung Mawleik) and Nazi village consisting seven small villages around it. The victims’ relatives based in these villages confirmed that half of the population from East and West Barsara (Sanpya), Fishing village, Shwe Bya and about 8,500 Rohingyans from Nazi village were killed.

In deed, Yangon based Rohingyan politicians MP U Shwe Maung and others from Religious Affairs Council, are hiding with fear or avoiding the crisis from the beginning of the violence. When one of our colleague well known by them questioned about their silent, they refused to explain over the phone as they are under watch and authority are tracking their phonelines.
It’s cleared that current Rohingya politicians are betraying with its own people and enjoying the power of luxury by monopolizing over Rohingya. Ironically, they ever do abide within the government’s instructions. It is only their priority and their goal in order to maintain their positions. They will never voice out for own people because they are government back USDP’s members and assigned by government.

It is a bitter chapter to turn old pages of how some of our former Rohingyan politicians responded during the flows of refugees in 1978-Nagamin and 1991-Pyitaya. They said that those Rohingyans fleeing were for their own, for religious purposes and they back to their lands.
A former political prisoner and leader of Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand-BRAT, recalled about Mr Saleh Master elected Rohingya representative of general Ne Win BSPP who misquoted against the refugees influx during a group of international agency visited in Bawlibazar(Kyien Chaung) in 1978.
But Maung Kyaw Nu continued that Rohingya ever proud for a man like Mr Eliyas who was NLD member of state level but he was killed after he refused to accept the fake scheme of 1991 refugees influx instructed by general Khin Nyunt.

From 23 June, the government authority in Sittwe are saying that they are assisting to relocate unregistered illegal Bengali immigrants to temporarily erected tents along the townside from inside the town. It was already reported in RFA news. While local Burmese newspapers and tv are continued to portray the false image of Rohingya across the country.
Now even in Yangon, people are heard that the authority will soon conduct an operation to check immigration status of muslims living in Yangon.
It is very visible view of how the government hates against muslims in Burma. Nevertheless, it’s a pre-pogrom of cleansing of unwanted people because it does not want to include unwanted groups in the first Burma’s census which would be conducted in 2014.

In brief, we must aware from the past Cyclone Nargis hit in Irrawaddy Delta during 2008. Than Shwe government responded that only seven people were killed and a few houses were damaged and it might be manageable. After two days he used to say 2-3 dozens people were killed. After seven days when international observers reached the areas, the death tool was crossed over 150,000 and displaced more than a million?

Therefore, UN envoy must be very cautious and used its super power urgently to monitor to access the situation in order to stop further violation and deaths because there are daily 4 to 12 people are dying from starvation and diseases while arbitrary dealing, arrest and tortures by authorities are taking place silently.
It is also note that until international observers and international communities do not access the situation, the truth will not be revealed, the remaining homeless victims will be perished by authority’s harsh dealings and more death tool would be occurred day after day.

Report of Ongoing crisis in Arakan (23-24 June)

Sittwe township
24 June, Night: Authority checked the mosque of Mole Fara (Aungmingala quarter) with the suspect of homeless Bengali hiding into it.

Evening: Immigration authority warned a few Rohingya villagers remaining in the town not to shelter any homeless Bengali illegal immigrants. Immigration also told that they will conduct an operation to check guest from the night of 25 June.

About dozen of Rohingya including boys those arrested from Rathedaung township were taken into Sittwe Prison.

23 June: The government authority are saying that they are assisting to relocate unregistered illegal Bengali immigrants to temporarily erected tents along the townside from inside the town. It was already reported in RFA news. It is very visible view of how the government hates on muslims. While local Burmese newspapers and tv are continued to portray the false image of Rohingya across the country.

Maungdaw township
23 June, The government forces are continuously arresting all Rohingya elders mainly from Maungdaw and about hundred from Rathedaung township. The authorities in Maungdaw are telling that they will arrest all boys above 13yo and would take away. It is feared that the government forces would bury them alive in own digging grave after torturing like in 1994.

Rathedaung township
23-24 June, Night: Police, Paramilitary forces, Sa-Ra-Pa(Intelligence), military and a group of Rakhines well equipped with swords were entered into the tents of homeless Rohingyans. After they asked to line up all elders, boys over 11yo and women, about 100 Rohingyans including around 12yo boys were taken away, women were raped there and about 10 families about 30 persons total were beaten to death as a result of they refused to follow. Escalated some remaining
cellphones were also seized from them.

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  • Ddd  On June 26, 2012 at 6:17 am

    Shame on you to say such lies again and again
    Your people has nothings to lose because your r envaders

  • Abdul Hakim  On July 28, 2012 at 7:16 pm

    I am not condemning you guys. But you should listen his Parliamentary Speech in Burmese Parliament as well. Please be optimistic. Thank you.

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