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Arakan Crisis during UN Envoy Visit

Source from NDPHR(exile),

The government indulges the Rakhine people while Rakhine people party- RNDP is being the in-charge for Arakan state. From the beginning of the violence, Law and Order have not been applied on aggressive Rakhines, the local security forces have been permitted to shot Rohingyas, seizing Rohingya people’s lands and forcing them into tents, rejecting their rights, blocking aid and compelling to die from starvation, and handing over to relocate at another country, are very clear part of the government’s involvement.

However, UN just talking for inquiry despite that have not been agreed by the both Myanmar junta and Srilanka dictator from the past five years. Instead, UN must take another workable step.
The second visit of UN envoy could not find anything and such visit could not end the crisis either. The power of UN is also not clear as its envoys have been guided by the military generals and unable to visit freely. In this manner, all Rohingyas will be terminated progressively.

Yesterday, immigration minster Brigadier General Khin Ye talked to the press that the Bengali immigrants of Rakhine state will not be counted for census of 2015.

Sittwe Crisis (21 July):
A Rohingya family going across the farming land of Tambi village (Tambi Fara or new Chicha Fara), were arrested by Nasaka forces in the afternoon of 31 July. The father was tied up and hanged at the tree while the rest were laid on the ground. The forces accused them as members of Al-Qaeda and shot the father’s hand first. When the family members screamed and craved for help, another bullet shot at the forehead of the father, the elder son was shot at tight, the younger son was shot at around abdomen and the mother was beaten to unconscious.
Both the father and the younger son were died on the spot and the rest two were still unknown.

Afternoon, after the UNDP staffs leaved the camps, two police and a RNDP member came to arrest a Rohingya who work as an interpreter for UNDP. During they grabbing away the interpreter, the villagers noisily came out and rescued the interpreter. The police throw the guns away and ran towards outside the village. After that, the two police reported as the Rohingya villagers began mutiny against the authority.

The gangs of RNDP await across the roads near by Roghingya villages. They rush to check every vehicle come out from Rohingya villages. They informed the driver that they will take over in case any Rohingya found in the vehicle.

A ship load of foods sent by Yangon based Muslim organizations has been arrived at Sittwe bay but it was blocked by Rakhine authorities administered by the Arakan state minster Dr Aye Maung who is also chief of RNDP. Despite it has been permitted by president Thein Sein. First, the Rakhine authority asked to distribute 80% to Rakhine, 10% to military and the rest 10% for Muslim. In this manner, the ship has been stopped more than 3 days and totally not allowed to come near the jetty.
According to the source received today, the ship has been finally allowed to park at the jetty with the agreement of 20% distribution for Rakhine people. But it is not sure whether all the foods will be handed first to the authority.

Rakhine people destroyed their huts and some bamboo houses in Rakhine village of Mingan and rushed to take shelter today at the Buddhist monastery before the arrival of UN envoy. Remaining muslim villagers in Aungmingala village, have been forced to go to the bazaar and authority prepared to film it.

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Myanmar totally rejects the attempts by some quarters to politicize and internationalize the situation as a religious issue

Burma’s Fabrications Ahead of UN Rapporteur Quintana

Translation of- MP U Shwe Maung’s Parliamentary Speech in Burmese Parliament Relating to Arakan Crisis on 25 July


Burma’s Fabrications Ahead of UN Rapporteur Quintana Visit

Source from Rohingyablogger, 30 July 2012

"There are several hypocritical attempts ans steps taking by the government in Arakan to deceive the visiting UN Special Rapporteur, Mr. Tomas Ojea Quintana about the actual situation of Arakan and to cover up the crimescommitted against Rohingyas.

Attempt 1
The authority are forcing the leaders of Rohingyas in Maung Daw and Buthidaung to say to Mr. Quintana that they are in peaceful situation and government has only arrested those who involved in the violence.

Attempt 2
The authority are clearing all the blocks to show that people can move freely and forcing Rohingyas to re-open the remaining businesses.

Attempt 3
Until two days ago, Rohingyas were not allowed to do their lifeline cultivation of crop rice. Now, the NaSaKa in Maung Daw are forcing Rohingyas to start their cultivation and subsequently taking photographs of them.

Attempt 4
NaSaKa is behaving as if they are giving some food rations. The foods given to Rohingyas are taken back by NaSaKa after the completion of their photographic sessions.

Attempt 5
Authorities in Sittwe are repairing few remaining Mosques and painting them.

Attempt 6
Authorities and Rakhine leaders are visiting the Rohingya camps, persuading Rohingyas and calling them as if their brothers.

Attempt 7
The government also ordered all people to attached the postcards with the symbol "NSK" to their the shirts." Rahim from Maung Daw reported.

In short, authorities in Arakan commanded all Rohingyas and Rakhines that they must, though externally, show solidarity and live like friends from 1st August to 5th August. This pseudo-solidarity and peacefully living together for five days is certainly an attempt to deceive the visiting UN Special Rapporteur, Mr. Tomas Ojea Quintana. C’mon, tyrannic regime and extremist Rakhines! Don’t be afraid to show your true faces. Don’t try to
deceive the world.

Moreover, according to one of the internal source, the police custodies in Maung Daw and Buthiduang have become Burmese Version of Nazi Extermination Camps where many Rohingyas arrested and locked up are being killed through tortures and various other means. The Rohingyas including under-aged ones are kept without water for days. When they are given foods, it is not on the plates but on the ground. Then, their hands are tied with ropes and they are forced to eat using their mouths. Besides, authorities of the custodies frequently put SALT into wounds of Rohingyas resulted from the tortures. Whoever dies is buried inhumanely wherever possible. Therefore, it is quite similar to how Jews were treated in Nazi’s extermination camps.

Furthermore, it has been known to the world that the monks in Rakhine state are restricting Rohingyas’ access to foods, rations and medication. The monks boycotted 22 Rohingyas villages in Kyauktaw township. No Rohingya from these 22 villages are allowed to go out of their villages in search of foods and making them (Rohingyas) die by starvation inside their villages. To add more horrors, according to a reliable source from Maung Daw, about 2 to 3 Rohingyas per day (including children) are being slaughtered in "Allu Daw Bray (Byay)" monastery opposite to the government hospital in Maung Daw. During the raids by the police and Lunthin (security guards) which are made up of Rakhines, hundreds of Rohingyas were arrested. Some of them were killed on the spot, some have been kept and being tortured in police custodies and some were handed over to the concerned monastery to be slaughtered. The people who are not allowed to inflict pains even on insects, whose religion teaches Metta (loving-kindness), are slaughtering human beings. Unbelievable! These people who are hiding behind saffron might not be Buddhists. They might be influenced more by Hitler than Buddha himself.

Meanwhile, arresting of educated Rohingyas and their religious leaders continues in Buthidaung and Maung Daw.

The people of the world regretted and mourned after the holocaust of six millions Jews. Then, they decided and took oath to not let happen such kind of atrocities, ethnic cleansing, genocides and the crimes against humanity take place on the earth again. Yet, it is taking place against Rohingyas in Arakan state of Burma. Do come forward to save them before it
is too late.

Compiled by M.S. Anwar

Burma’s Rakhine Provocateurs are Hypocrites but the June Massacre is an Open Wound

Abid Bahar

From my research on Arakanese Rakhines and the Rohingyas for the past 32 years, I have no doubt in my mind that the report by MS Anwar (see below) coming directly from Arakan is true. Rakhines are masters of cruel deception. This time to the visiting UN Special Rapporteur, Mr. Tomas Ojea Quintana deceiving the actual situation of Arakan.( The cover up of the crime scenes is clear even from Burmese President’s previous statement asking for Rohingya’s mass deportation.

Today, these Rakhine ultra nationalists are powerful in the Burmese army, security force and in the police. Most dangerous of all is that these Rakhine extremists are also the followers of a Rakhasa Buddhism. Like their cousins in Cambodian and Sri Lanka, they are capable of committing genocide.

Here in Arakan, Rakhine religion of Rakhassa have been used as a religious ideology;meaning Arakan is for Rakhine race only, killing the Rohingyas man, women and children randomly by the use of machetes,with the excuse of Rohingyas as being "foreigners." This is even when the victim Rohingya ancestors were there for centuries, even from the time of the Indian Chandras. For the Rakhine Mogh’s historic barbarity in the region, no wonder why Arakan was named by Bengalis as the Moghur Mulluk "Land of the lawless people".

When there is a planned ethnic cleansing (genocide) going on, I wonder why Suu Kyi lost her voice, and Dalai Lama is in his deep meditation, and where is America’s fight against terrorism this time when for the sake of its business interest in Burma, how can it define Rakhine terrorism against the Rohingya?

Burma’s Rakhine problem is not over yet, Rakhine extremists are dangerous elements and in collaboration with the Generals are good at playing the cat and mouse game, of course until they are caught red handed. I am sure, Mr. Tomas Ojea Quintana and his expert team (different from the previous Indian naive visitor) and the international body already know and couldn’t be fooled many times. I am sure, they are almost there because the massacre is an open wound from a full-blown genocide!

RI ready to fight for Rohingya

Margareth S. Aritonang and Bagus BT Saragih, The Jakarta Post, Tue, July 31 2012

Marty Natalegawa: (JP/Arief Suhardiman)Marty Natalegawa: (JP/Arief Suhardiman)

In his first official statement regarding the prolonged communal violence in western Myanmar between Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims, Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa said that Indonesia would raise the problem at the Extraordinary Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, scheduled for mid-August.

Marty said that Indonesia would emphasize its opposition to any kind of human rights violations, including the violence against the Rohingya in Myanmar.

“We must highlight, again, that Indonesia has consistently rejected discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, or any other reason. Our stance also applies to the ongoing attacks against the Rohingya in Myanmar,” Marty told reporters at his office.

Marty also insisted that Indonesia would not sit idly by while western Myanmar burns.

He said that Indonesia had sent an envoy to Bangladesh and Myanmar in 2010 to investigate the conflict between the Rohingya and the Rakhine after refugees from the conflict poured in into the country.

“We have always brought the issue into multilateral and bilateral discussions with Myanmar. So it’s not true that we don’t care. Our silence doesn’t mean we don’t care,” Marty said.

Data from the Foreign Ministry said that 394 Rohingya have sought refugee status in Indonesia, 124 of whom were ready to be resettled in third party countries. The remaining 199 displaced persons are sheltered in a number of refugee camps in the country.

“We always open our door for anyone who needs our help,” Marty said.

Separately, presidential spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha said that the Indonesian government would not comment on granting political asylum status to the Rohingya who had arrived in the country.

“I have no statement with regard to that,” Julian said at the Presidential Office on Monday.

Hundreds of the ethnic Muslim have fled Myanmar for several nearby states, including Indonesia.

The United Nations claims there are about 800,000 Rohingya in Myanmar, and considers them among the most persecuted minorities in the world.

At least 78 people have been killed in communal violence there in the last month.

Reports say the Rohingya are currently stranded in the Riau Islands, with some in other locations around West and East Java. They left Myanmar to seek safety and asylum from the Indonesian government, with some apparently hoping to continue on to Australia for the same purpose. They are reportedly surviving in poor conditions, lacking food and other basic necessities.

When asked what the government would do about the situation, Julian said the administration had taken all possible measures, but for the time being, Indonesia could only use diplomacy. “The government has been trying its best in our diplomatic efforts with Myanmar. Hopefully these efforts will stop the violence,” he said.

“Our position is clear: we will make any possible diplomatic efforts to help our Rohingya brothers,” Julian added.

Myanmar, meanwhile, has denied the communal conflict was motivated by religion and rejected any effort to bring an international presence into the conflict.

“Peace and stability is indispensable for the on-going democratization and reform process in Myanmar. National solidarity and racial harmony among different nationalities is vital for the perpetuation of the Union. Myanmar is a multi-religious country where Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus have been living together in peace and harmony for centuries, hence recent incidents in Rakhine State are neither because of religious oppression nor discrimination,” Myanmar’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a statement.

Maungdaw authorities design the town for UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights visit

Source from Kaladan Press, 30 July 2012

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Maungdaw authorities- Township and district administration offices – are designing the town with full of Human rights to welcome UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Tomas Quintana visit the areas , according to an elder from Maungdaw.

“We heard Mr. Tomas Quintana will visit tomorrow Maungdaw and Buthidaung and the Town authorities are preparing all things are under the control and town people –Rohingyas – are getting all facilities – movement, foods and religious.”

“The town authorities called all the village administration officers to their office and ordered all Rohingyas must be in the field for working rice cultivation, must be open the Rohingya shops.”

“The authorities also shifted all the arrestees from Buthidaung Jail to No.2 Hluntin Battalion of Buthidaung near golf playground, who were arrested in the riot period and kept in a small room where the authority toke off all the clothes from them.”

All Rakhines – Maungdaw north and south , from town and other sides ;- Buthidaung and Rathedaung – are gathering at refugee centers (mostly in the monasteries) in Maungdaw before , now the Rakhines are gathering at Maungdaw High school as they are victims of the riot and staying in the refugee center for fear of Rohingyas attack to them, said a school teacher from Maungdaw. “The Rakhines were gather in the monasteries when relief goods were distributing time and returned back to their home after received the relief goods. There are no Rakhine refugees in Maungdaw as no Rakhine ‘s houses burned, only Rohingyas’ houses only burned in Maungdaw.”

“Rohingyaa are not getting any relief from any quarters and they more suffering by not giving access to foods and medicines by the authority.”

Besides, Police officer U Hla Sein with other 4 police personnel entered more than 20 houses from Ward number 5 where the police beat the family members – women and children- and destroyed all the house hold items. At last the police toke the family list and handed over to Ward admin, said a villager from Ward number 5.

Foor Khan, 21, son of Syed from Naribill was arrested by Military Intelligence officer Hla Win Khine today at about 4:00pm where he was tortured to confessed to say some name of villagers which the officer want to extort money from them, said a villager.

The military personnel are placed everywhere in Maungdaw Township. Rohingya people can move freely now wherever army personnel are posted. The military is selling rice for Rohingya with high price. Rice-sack porters also are happy for earning something. The Rohingya are not able to buy rice as they have no money. All the money were looted by Rakhine and security forces, said a villager from Maungdaw.

But some policemen -–Assistant police officer Aye htun Sein and sergeant Than Maung Gyi- who stationed near the clock tower are looting money from the people and collecting 1000 kyats as toll on per rice -sack.

The ancient mosque nearby Sittwe airport is under renovation by the local municipality as to show up that the government is taking care of the damages. The lands of destructed houses and mosques have been bulldozed. The situation of Rohingya refugee camps in Sittwe is still unchanged. People are dying by starvation and lack of medical treatments.

Violating human rights beside the unrecognizing citizens is likewise keeping the people at silent killing field. Many people are living in open area without any shelter but sometime they were brought to designated places and taken pictures to show up that they were in safe places, said an educated person from Maungdaw.

“Of course Mr Quintana will visit the villages in Arakan to see the situation but I don’t think the vulnerable Rohingya people will dare to speak to him. If anyone who speaks the truth will be tortured upon leaving of Mr Quintana. It is a worry that the government will make some Rohingya as their puppets and let them meets with Mr Quintana and will hide the reality and cover up their crimes against Rohingyas.”

Amnesty International and many Human Rights Organizations issued the statements that there are arbitrary arrests, mass killings and security forces are targeting Rohingya people. The security forces raid every night the villages in Maungdaw to arrest Rohingya men. The Rohingya women were raped in absence of men as almost men were not sleeping at home for the fear of arrest.

Malaysian government offered aids for displaced people but Burma’s foreign minister Wunna Maung Lwin rejected it. Human Rights expert Mr Ansar Burney was rejected the entry visa to Burma. Turkish Red Crescent is waiting for the response of Thein Sein government to assist the Rohingya people. Iran government is urging the UN to send peacekeeping forces to Arakan. Independent media access is still controlled. Within, this situation, the Rohingya can get their rights from world community, said an old man from Maungdaw.

Rohingya could be facing threat of ethnic cleansing, says advocacy group

Rakhine Refugees camps again setup in Maungdaw

The authority called all the Natala villagers , Rakhine community from Maungdaw north , Rakhine community from Maungdaw town and others area- Buthidaung and Rathedaung – to join at the Maungdaw State High school as a refugees, pretending who are not able to stay in their villages for fear of attack from Rohingya community, said an elder from Myoma Kyayoungdan village.

“The Rakhine before setup 7 refugee centers at monasteries , but now they again setting up new style in Maungdaw High school. It is just for showcase of refugee to show the UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur, Tomas Ojea Quintana who will visit soon.” (Full report)

Rohingya could be facing threat of ethnic cleansing, says advocacy group
29 July 2012 / Todays Zaman

The continuing violence against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and the blocking of aid for them by Buddhists in Myanmar could be seen as an attempt at ethnic cleansing, according to Chris Lewa, director of the Arakan Project, a nongovernmental group that advocates for the Rohingya, adding that the international community should put pressure on the government to immediately control the situation.

“Blocking of aid could be seen as an attempt to ethnic cleansing — to starve the Rohingyans to force them to flee and leave. The international community should pressure the government to urgently control the situation, provide security for the Rohingya Muslims and to humanitarian workers as well as to ensure access and delivery of aid to affected people. If this is not done immediately, then external intervention should be forced upon, but I doubt this could actually happen.”

The first glimmer of violence in Myanmar occurred in June after claims that three Rohingya Muslims raped a Buddhist woman. Following the allegations, extremist Buddhists began to kill Muslims living in Arakan province, the location of the recently escalating violence in the country, near Bangladesh.

“The alleged perpetrators were indeed three Muslims although the exact circumstances of the rape are unclear. The three were immediately arrested and sentenced to death. The sentence was handed down so quickly that I doubt any proper judicial procedure has been followed,” said Lewa, adding that the death penalty was usually not carried out in Myanmar.

In an interview with Today’s Zaman, Lewa described the violence in Myanmar as an ethno-religious conflict, primarily based on race, but in which religious sentiments play a significant role. “Rohingya Muslims do not have any friends in Myanmar,” said Lewa, adding that communal clashes between Buddhists and Rohingyans have turned into state-sponsored violence specifically targeting the Rohingyans.

Reproaching the stance of the international community, Lewa stated that most countries are keen to invest in Myanmar but do not care about the human rights of Rohingyans. “What I find regrettable is that the suspension of sanctions and support for a reform process in Myanmar, which so far is not much more than cosmetic, have reduced these countries to silence on gross human rights issues including the treatment of Rohingyans,” said Lewa.

The Rohingyan Muslims are not seen as citizens of Myanmar by nationalist Myanmar leaders, officials and fanatical Buddhists, and in turn are exposed to discrimination. “Hostility toward the Rohingyans has been long-standing, fuelled by competing notions of the role of race and religion in Myanmar’s national identity,” said Lewa.

Myanmar President Thein Sein declared a state of emergency in Arakan province following clashes between Buddhists and Muslims and deployed army troops to restore stability. “Border security forces as well as riot police have been involved in burning houses, looting, and killings before and after the state of emergency was imposed. The army has mostly been involved in mass arrests, killings and rape but not in burning houses and looting,” said Lewa, adding the government has declared a state of emergency in six townships in Arakan province, which is still in force.

“Hundreds of Rohingyans were arrested and taken away to unknown destinations, as their families did not hear from them,” said Lewa.

Myanmar’s government is currently not allowing any media organizations to enter the country. An aid team from the United Nations, which is the only foreign team that was allowed to enter the region, has said death toll numbers are contradictory.

“Threats against the UN and international NGOs are being circulated in attempts to block assistance to the Rohingyans,” said Lewa.

MP Calls on OIC to Break Silence over Massacre of Muslims in Myanmar

FARS NEWS AGENCY, 29 July 2012
TEHRAN (FNA)- A member of the Iranian parliament called on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Muslim nations to take a clear stance against the massacre of Muslim minority in Myanmar.
"The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and all international institutions should take a swift, serious and firm action to put an end to this genocide in Myanmar," Ruhollah Beigi said on Saturday.

He noted that meaningful silence of the UN and other international bodies toward crimes committed by the extremist Buddhists has led to widespread massacre of oppressed Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

He underscored that all Muslim nations across the world are duty-bound to defend Muslims in Myanmar, and added, "The catastrophe in Myanmar is not only an issue for the Muslim world, but an issue for all free and justice-seeking peoples of the world."

The government of Myanmar refuses to recognize Rohingyas, who it claims are not natives and classifies as illegal migrants, although the Rohingya are said to be Muslim descendants of Persian, Turkish, Bengali, and Pathan origin, who migrated to Burma as early as the 8th century.

Even Myanmar’s so-called democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi has kept quiet on the atrocities committed against the Rohingya Muslims.

Myanmar’s President Thein Sein said Rohingya Muslims must be expelled from the country and sent to refugee camps run by the United Nations.

The UN says decades of discrimination have left the Rohingyas stateless, with Myanmar implementing restrictions on their movement and withholding land rights, education and public services.

Since June, hundreds of members of the nearly-one-million-strong Rohingya Muslim minority have been killed and tens of thousands of others among them have been displaced in the west of the country due to a wave of communal violence.

Over the past two years, waves of ethnic Muslims have attempted to flee by boats in the face of systematic oppression by the Myanmar government.

Muslim states urged to use diplomatic pressure to stop abuses

Source from The Nation, 29 July 2012


Muslim states urged to use diplomatic pressure to stop abuses

ISLAMABAD – Islamabad Bar Association (IBA) passed on Saturday a resolution unanimously to condemn Myanmar Muslims’ massacre here at Islamabad District Court (IDC).
In the meeting, the legal fraternity condemned the brutalities of Myanmar government against Muslim community and appealed the Muslim countries including Pakistan to build up diplomatic pressure on Myanmar to stop its atrocities on Muslim population and protect their fundamental human rights on immediate basis. President Islamabad District Court Bar Association (IDCBA) Syed Javed Akbar Shah Mashhadi chaired the meeting and informed that 700,000 muslims were living in Myanmar and on monthly basis, Myanmar government murdered 20,000 innocent Muslims without any logical reasons.

He stated that on this heinous crime, UN as well as national and international media had become a silent spectator. There were no one who could raise its voice against brutal murderers of Myanmar muslim people. Speaking on the occasion, IDCBA General Secretary Chaudhry Muhammad Ayyub Arbab Gujjar apprised the lawyers community that in recent riots of Myanmar 30,000 muslims had been slaughtered, 10,000 had been missing, 5,000 muslim women had been raped and moreover, 17 Muslim towns had been set on fire.

He said in dismay that this was a shameful act for all human being on the globe and the International Bar Association had to take a serious notice of it and above all provide its helping hands to ease tension between Muslims and Buddhists of Myanmar. In the end, the lawyers also decided to raise funds for financial support of victimised Muslims lying at the borders of Myanmar and Bangladesh because they were in dire need of it.

23 Rohingya Escape Java Detention Center

THE JAKARTA GLOBE| July 27, 2012

Rohingya boat people from Burma wait to be photographed by Indonesian Immigration officers in February. (Photo: Reuters)

Twenty-three Rohingya refugees from Burma escaped from a temporary shelter in Bogor, Indonesia, on Wednesday, the city’s immigration office said.

Andika Haryono, head of supervision at the immigration office, which was watching the shelter, said the refugees were illegal immigrants who were arrested in the city’s Cisarua subdistrict last Friday.

“They were arrested because they didn’t have documents and they came illegally to Sukabumi [West Java] by sea,” he said. “The Bogor Police initially arrested 16 people but the number later grew to 23.”

Andika said 18 adults and five children escaped, all Burmese nationals.

“The immigrants were under the supervision of the Bogor immigration office and were placed at the temporary shelter because the immigration office’s shelter is under renovation,” he said.

Andika said he suspected the refugees escaped at about 3 am, leaving one at a time while the shelter’s six guards were not watching.

He said immigration officials had told the refugees that their stay in Indonesia was only temporary.

“We tried to make them understand they were here temporarily until the IOM [International Organization for Immigration] documents were issued,” he said.

“They understood. So now when they escaped, we aren’t really sure what caused it.” added Vento Saudale.

Rohingya Muslims have been fleeing western Burma’s Arakan State since sectarian violence erupted there at the beginning of June.

Government Authorities Fabricate Ahead of UN Envoy Quintana’s Visit

Source from NDPHR(exile),

From yesterday, the authorities escalate homeless Rohingyas those languish outside and grabbed into refugee camp of Badwadil village. The ancient mosque near Sittwe airport has been renovated from the past 3 days in order to show the government is doing everything.
But the lands of those destructed Rohingya houses and the rest 28 mosques of 32 Rohingya villages in all over Sittwe have been completely bulldozed and made as a plane ground. So, no sign nor evidence left to claim that they were belong to Rohingyas.

Sittwe Crisis:
There are at least 7 Rohingyas dying from starvation and lack of medication in Sittwe refugee camps. Most of those died are children and older people. Medical services providing in refugee camps is just like First Aid that does not meet actual requirement. Food providing is not enough for everyone and those received are also once per day.
Remaining Rohingya villages in isolate area such as Santole, Aungmingala villages are in the worst situation and they receive no food supply.

Nasaka forces (Border Security Force) deployed in Naya Fara, Badwa-dil, Gwala-dil, Barsara and other villages, are harassing the Rohingya villagers and the worst are around Aung Daine and Alsan villages where the Nasaka camps base.

Rakhine people are still chanting across the roads with the banner written supporting "Rohingya Relocation Plan of president Thein Sein" while the others are still sporadically await to attack Rohingyas who ever come out from the village.
By afternoon of 27 July, two foreigner Indian workers of ESSAR Oil Company were brutally beaten up by a gang of Rakhine people on the main road of Sittwe (Lanmagyi) because their faces similar to Rohingya. Police and military forces lately came to intervene and sent them to hospital.

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