The situation in Arakan is worsening day to day

Source from NDPHR(exile),
The situation in Arakan is worsening day to day.  Arbitrary arrest and abuses in Maungdaw and violences in Sittwe and Kyuaktaw townships are continuously taking place.

…………………………..Maungdaw Township……………………….
4 July, Wednesday
Early morning: A joint raid in Maung Ni Village arrested at least 100 Rohingyans, 2 shot dead and the 8 other wounded..

As we, NDPHR received information, except from the 2 dead bodies, all of them including wounded people were taken by trucks after brutally beating until some got unconscious. The forces also did religious humiliations by kicking and pissing on the Holy Books, prayer-mats and in the mosque..

BROUK press release

4 July, Wednesday
16:30pm: Four military forces who guard Aungmingala Quarter were beaten-up by a group of Rakhines near the central market as a result of they came to buy foods for Rohingyans. The money military have about four lakhs Kyat given from Rohingya villagers were also looted. Because of seriously injured, the military were admitted to hospital and the 3 related Rakhines were also arrested.

A few hour later, a group of Rakhines crossed Minbargyi Road and chanted to set fire the remaining houses..

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