Fresh Attacks Begin in Kyauktaw, Ponnagyuan and Rathedaung towns of Arakan

Source from NDPHR(exile),

From today afternoon of 5 Aug, Rakhine people begin freshly attackings of Rohingyas in Kyauktaw, Ponnagyuan and Rathedaung towns. Despite the villagers informed the military on the time of Rakhine people approaching their villages, the military did not respond.

Several sources came from villagers and members of ERCA confirmed that the Rakhine people use poisonous arrows and lethal knives in the present of bystander local police forces.

Rohingyas in these regions are very minority and no foreign diplomat or UN staff has been accessed to visit. During June and July;

In Kyauktaw town, about 100 Rohingya died and more than 160 Rohingya houses plus 4 mosques were burnt down in the five Rohingya villages.
In Rathedaung town, about 200 Rohingya died and more than 650 Rohingya houses plus 5 mosques were burnt down in the five Rohingya villages.

There are yet to escalate more brutal crimes while no appropriate action has been taken by the UN.

Kyauktaw town
15:00pm: Around 90 Rohingya houses of Guvitaung (Gu Taung Bazzar) village and about 50 Rohingya houses of Maelibaung (Sadargyi) village, were set fire by Rakhine people.

16:00pm: Remaining nearly 100 Rohingya houses of Apoukwa (Aa-fok) village, were set fire and only about 10 houses left unburnt after raining began.
3 Rohingya men and a woman were died in the attack, are Ms Fushuni d/o Anamulhoq, Karla, Lala and Abdu Hussein.

The Rohingya villages of Ambari, Foeda, Khaungdok Alay Kyun (Barua Fara), have been surrounded by Rakhine people and the information is yet to be received.

Ponnagyuan town
Evening: Only one Rohingya village known as Taedak Kadi (Sidikul Fara) village in Ponnagyuan town, was attacked and all the houses around a hundred were burnt down.
The sources said that the Rakhine people have been attacking this village since five days ago and the dead bodies of 2 Rohingyas who were taken away were thrown at the village on 4 Aug.

Additionally, the information also received about the Aine Fara (opposite site of Aa-fok) of Kyauktaw town and Rohingya villages of Rathedaung town have been under attacked. However, it was unable to confirm due to disconnected communication.

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