Authority still going set on fire, arrests and kills in Arakan

Posted on August 6, 2012 by kaladanpress

Kyauktaw, Arakan State: Authority force – police with Rakhine are going set on fire more than 320 Rohingyas’ houses from 5 villages and killed more than 20 Rohingyas , said sources from Kyauktaw township.

“The Rakhines and police personnel set on fire yesterday – gufidaung village at 1;30 pm , Ambawri village at about 3:00pm and Saybirgong village at about 4:pm- where most of the Rohingyas’ houses become ashes and Rohingyas were killed with poisonous arrows and lethal knives by Rakhine in the present of police forces.”

Today, early morning, the Rakhines with police forces attacked Ywanya village and set on fire Rohingyas’ houses which was burned and become ashes. The Rakhines were giving us trouble and harassing whole night. We informed to the authority about the situation of our village but there was no help from authority side, said a student from Kyauktaw.

“Rakhine people were attaching again with new systems of Rohingyas’ villages from Kyauktaw, Ponnagyuan and Rathedaung towns on August 5, afternoon, where the Rohingyas are minority in these areas and no UN and INGOs staff in these areas.”

“Despite the villagers informed the military on the time of Rakhine people approaching their villages, but, the military did not respond.”

Similarly, Kyaukpru paiseik (fishing) village was attacked by Rakhines today, according to an elder from Kyaukpru Township.

Kill in Maungdaw and Buthidaung

Kamal Husson, 32, son of Abul Husson hailed from Durabil village of Zapinenya village tract was killed by the authority in Buthidaung jail who was arrested during period of riot in Maungdaw. He left 3 young children and his wife. They have no relatives in the village, said a villager from Durabil.

Besides, Abdul Rahim son of Abdul Kurdus haild from Bagona village was severely beat by Moghs from Ward number 4, in front of Maungdaw general Hospital today in the afternoon while he was going to the marke, said a teacher from Maungdaw.

“At last movement, he managed to escape from Moghs and entered to Myoma Kyayoungdan village, where the villagers informed to the army which was stationed in the area about the event. But, the army didn’t give any heal. Rahim become serious and can’t able to admit the hospital as all the staffs are Moghs. So, Rahim finally died on the hand of Myoma Kyayoungdan villagers.”

“In the evening, the army imposed again curfew in the village for the event, to prevent any unwanted event.”

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