A few death toll detail escalated from Kyauktaw town

Source NDPHR(exile),

The fifth escalation of a few dead list detail from Kyauktaw town is 28 persons. Despite there were about hundred Rohingyas killed in Kyauktaw town, we are still unable to collect all of them.

Rakhine gangs in Kyauktaw town are still organizing to attacks the Rohingya villages like in other towns and the government has no plan to reinstall Laws and Orders for them therefore Rohingyas still face with constant risk and starvation.

For record, previous a few escalation of dead lists are;

86 persons from Sittwe, Paukatw and Mrauk Oo towns

50 persons from Maungdaw,

31 persons from Minbya and Pauktaw towns,

119 persons from Sittwe town.

All of these lists and all destructions across 8 towns are also gathered at- http://www.ndphr.net/p/causalities-destructions-list.html



Before Destruction of Ancient Foktoli Mosque of Nazi village, Sittwe/Akyab town……..

This ancient Foktoli mosque was not fully demolished during Rakhine people attacks in June 2012. However, after the villagers were drove away, it was totally bulldozed by government authority. (Photo: NDPHR)
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