Arbitrary Arrests in Maungdaw town

Source curated by NDPHR(exile),

7 Sept (Kaladan Press): Maungdaw police personnel arrested Rohingyas from the Maungdaw market and while on the way to market.

Police arrested Noor Mohamed (aka) Maung Kyaw-50 s/o Master Jamalfrom Ward No.(1) of Maungdaw Town, Fayros Khan from Ward No.(4), Delu from Myoma Kayan Dan(Shikdar Para), Mohamed s/o Iliyas and Mohamed Ayas s/o Nurul Salam from Ward No.(5).

U Aung Kyaw Than and U Hla Sein, the police officers led the operation to arrest the Rohingyas from the town. They are also threatening to the Rohingys not to talk to anybody who come from outside after paying demand money to police officer. If anyone talks about the payment, he/ she will be jailed for 30 years.

The police officer U Aung Kyaw Than also said that they have to arrest around 128 people from the Ward No.(5), who were already judgments for sentenced without person.

A village elder from the Ward No.(5) said that 128 people had already been arrested by security forces and sent them to jail. The police officer demanded Kyat 30,000 per each for their release, but they were not able to pay the money. So they are detained in the police station, so far.

Yesterday, the police officers also arrested U Ba Maung (aka) Potia from Myoma Kaya Dan village while he was going to Maungdaw market.

(Mohd Hussein Ali’s report): The two star police officer Aung Kyaw Kham and four police from Maungdaw Police Station arrested Rohingya villagers and looted money, valuable things. Those arrested victims are:-
(1) Abul Husson s/o Hamzar from Ward Number (5) on 3 Spet at 9:00 am. His wife also raped by Aung Kyaw Kham.
(2) Ishaque s/o Hason Shorif from Myo Ma Ka Yenin Dan (Shiddar Para) village on 6 Sept at 2:00pm.

Arrested on 7 Sept at 11:00am are;

(1) Maung Kyaw (a) Noor Mohamed s/o Jamal Ahmed from Ward number (1)
(2) Saw Lue from Ward number (4)

(3) Farus from Ward number (4)

(4)Mohammed s/o Elyas Ward Number (5)

(5) Another one from Maung Nee ( Maung Nee Para) village


6 Sept (Mohd Hussein Ali’s report):
A Rohingya man with a child and a woman were killed in Maungdaw down town by police and Hluntin on September 4. They were arrested from Maungdaw market and called to South East of Maungdaw big pond behind City-hall where Hluntin security outpost. On 6 Sept, it was seen that police and Hluntin took out those 3 dead bodies from that place and brought to Maungdaw 4-Mile Hluntin Regiment.
Again at about 4:00pm, two Rakhines named Maung Ba Tun and Saw Maungdaw from Bagonna Na Ta La village entered to the East block of Bagonna Rohingya village followed by five policemen seized all the documentary papers such as ID card, Famililist, land records and extorted money.

(Kaladan Press): Recently, an army check- post is established nearby Shwe Zaar bridge of Maungdaw Town. The army has been collecting Kyat 5000 per house excluding Rakhine village.
An owner, Zalal Ahmed has paid 1,800 Kyat for his own two goats to take back from the army which stationed at Nwah yon Taung ( Hor O Dil) school. The two goats were taken away by the army while grazing in a field nearby his house on 25 Aug.

Four fishermen; Abul Shama-45 hailed from Kular Bill village and Abdu Shuker-40 s/o Boshor, Komile-25 s/o Dil Mohamed, Osir Ullah-22 s/o Fazal Ahmed from Nari bill, were arrested by Burma border security force (Nasaka) on September 4, at night for fishing in the Naff River. They gave two kg of fish and paid money to the Nasaka per head to obtain permission. However, they were arrested by the Nasaka at 11:00 pm and detained at the Nasaka camp as a result of the poor fishermen are unable to pay the demand of 50,000 Kyat per each.

(Kaladan Press): A Rohingya female with her three children’s dead bodies were found in Maungdaw town by police and Hluntin and took away by truck on September 4.
The dead bodies were not identified who they were as the local villagers were not allowed to see the dead bodies. Some of the Rohingya villagers had seen the dead bodies that were floating in the creek – it is old stream, the western side of old Rohingya graveyard- and on the western side of the Maungdaw foot-ball ground.

(Kaladan Press): In the present of The Hluntin (riot police), a Rohingya youth Shuna Meah-20, hailed from Bakah Gone Nah village of Maungdaw North, was catapulted by a Rakhine youth in front of the Maungdaw general hospital and from authorized pawn shop on September 2, while he was on the way to home after marketing from the Maungdaw market.
His forehead was seriously hit by the catapult and the iron ball entered to his head. As a result, he was fell down to the ground and some Rakhine youths came to the spot to carry the wounded body in the intention of hiding the body. But, luckily, a vehicle of GE (army) came to the spot and rescued the victim and sent to nearby hospital for treatment.

On the same day, the Rakhine youths also beaten up severely to a Rohingya shopkeeper who was selling rice at Maungdaw market. However, he was rescued by some Rakhine women from the market.

(Kaladn Press): A village head Abul Hussain-50 s/o Hamza from Ward No.(5), going to the Maungdaw market, was arrested by the police officer U Maung Kyaw Than accompanied by three other police personnel and taken to police station on September 4. As we NDPHR received information, Abul Hussain and the 6 other Rohingyas were arrested and took away by putting black-mask on the face.
Similarly, Mohamed Isque s/o Hasson Shrif of Myoma Khayoungdan village, was arrested from home today morning with false allegation of involved in the recent riots by police officer Aung Kyaw Than.

In Maungdaw Town, the police officers such as— U Aung Kyaw Than, Tu Tu, U Hla Thein, U Aung Kyaw Kant and U Thet Naing Soe —- are the most notorious officers and give troubles to the Rohingya community.

3 Sept (Kaladan Press):
The Nasaka Commander of Nasaka area No. 6, with the collaboration of Ayas s/o Dil Mohamed from Paun Zaar village and Shah Alam s/o Issaque from Labbor Zaar village arbitrary arrested. Some arrestees from Labbor Zaar (Kayin Taw) village are identified as Mohamed Rashid s/o Abu Siddik (Kyat 3.5 million had paid for his release), Moulvi Habib Salam s/o Abdu Salam (Kyat 2.8 million), Fayas Ahmed s/o Abu Siddik (Kyat 2.2 million), Hafez Iddris s/o Moulvi Amir Hussain (Kyat 1.7 million), Ziabul Haque s/o Boshar (Kyat 1.5 million), Mohibullah s/o Nuruz Zaman (Kyat 2.5 million), Hafez Ziaur Rahaman s/o Rahshid Ahamed and his younger brother Afzur Rahaman (Kyat 4.5 million), Moulvi Mohamed Sayed s/o Amir Bokshu (Kyat 2-million), Moulvi Mohamed Khan s/o Abdu Salam (Kyat 3.2 million), Hafez Ali Hussain s/o Hamid Hussain and his younger brother Ali Boktu (Kyat 2.5 million), Mohamed Juhar s/o Mohamed Hussain (Kyat one million), Moulvi Abu Siddik s/o Abdu Sukkur (Kyat one million), Hafez Mohamed Tareq s/o Usman Goni (Kyat 0.7 million), Moulvi Sona Meah s/o Lal Meah (Kyat 3.5 million), Mohamed Jubair s/o Gura Meah (Kyat 0.8 million), Ms Ayesha m/o Ismat Ara Begum ( Kyat 0.4 million), Mohamed Esaque s/o Nazir Ahmed (alias) Khalu (Kyat 0.2 million), Moulvi Mohamed Nozum s/o Khobir Ahmed (Kyat 5 .4 million), Hafez Kamal – Ali Akber (Kyat 0.8 million), Noor Alam s/o Queila Meah and his son ( Kyat 2.5 million), Moulvi Idris s/o Mohamed Hussain (Kyat 1.5 million) and Mohamed Yousuf s/o Mohamed Hussain (Kyat 0.7 million). Besides, Nasaka personnel also arrested Moulvi Mohamed Meah s/o Hamid Hussain from Lobba Zaar village. At first, he paid Kyat one million for his release, but Nasaka again demanded Kyat one million, so he is going into hiding as he was unable to fulfill Nasaka’s demand.

Another villager Kolim Ullah s/o Abul Hashim is also going into hiding because he was not able to pay the Nasaka’s extra demand. At first, he paid Kyat 0.8 million to the Nasaka for his release, but after release, Nasaka personnel again demanded extra 0.8 million money.

Abdur Rahim son-in-law of Yasin from Labbor Zaar village was also arrested by Nasaka personnel and was released after paying Kyat one million. He was detained for 10 days in the camp. After release, Nasaka demanded extra another Kyat one million to avoid arrest again. But, he was unable to pay the money, so he was arrested again.

Mohamed Harun s/o Nazir Ahamed, hailed from Labbor Zaar village was arrested by Nasaka personnel and released after paying Kyat 0.3 million. However, the Nasaka again asked him to pay another Kyat 0.3 million. But, he is unable to pay the money and is going into hiding.”

Kabir Ahamed s/o Noor Mohamed and his younger brother were arrested by Nasaka personnel. He is a shopkeeper of Maungdaw municipal market. At present, he lives at Ali Para of Ward No.(1). Both of them were released after paying Kyat five millions.
On August 21, Border Affars Minister Lt General Thein Htay said that only 987 people were arrested involved in the riots. But, according to local information, more people were arrested by the concerned authorities.

2 Sept
(Kaladan Press):
Some of the Rohingya border pass travelers were beaten up by Rakhine youths in front of the old cinema hall – Hluntin out post where mostly Rakhine youths stay with them – Maungdaw Town and looted their goods while they were going to their homes after returning from Bangladesh with one day border pass.

This matter was appraised to the Nasaka personnel of Maungdaw exit/entry gate, but the Nasaka denied taking any action against the Rakhine culprits. The Rakhine youths blocked while the Rohingya travelers returned on the way to their home, so they stayed overnight a nearby Rohingya village named Ukil Para (Auck Ywa) for their safety.

(Kaladan Press): A young Rohingya girl nick name Sara d/o late Kalu from Baggona village, was picked up by Nasaka personnel when she was crossing the bridge of Pan Daw Pyin Nasaka out-post of Aley Than Kyaw, has been raped by Nasaka personnel on August 31.

A Nasaka out- post is established near the bridge for bridge security and the Nasaka also collects 300-500 kyats per head who crossing the bridge( it is only for Rohingya community).

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