Australia to send about 40 Rohingya arrivals to Nauru

By James,

A group of about 78 boat people landed in Australian waters on about 16 Aug 2012. About 40 of them are UNHCR card holder Rohingyas involving families and at least two sick youths.

This group arrival was after the bill “Off-shore Processing” was approved by the government with collaboration of the both major Australian parties therefore they will be definitely the first group to be sent to Nauru on comming days. They been also told for that.

It is the question that unwelcoming ‘Rohingya’ is not only in Burma and neighboring countries but also in UNHCR and or its signatory countries? It has been long history of the Burma’s first refugee, Rohingyas are excluded from resettlement process and the signatory countries incline on their choices prioritize the non-Rohingya refugees.

So far more than 60,000 refugees have been resettled to the third countries from Malaysia alone in the past decade but Rohingyas numbered about 300 only. These about 300 Rohingyas were also finally approved their resettlement, more later from year 2009 as a result of the various protests for years that include facing charges laid for occupying the UNHCR premise and some from detention.
The Rohingya refugees are unfairly treated in humanitarian filed despite it is a proper exercise of UNHCR’s responsibility to register the refugees, determine their status and refer for resettlement. UNHCR even refused to registered them.

We seen decades based the diaspora crises of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, desperate situation in Malaysia and Thailand. Therefore they have begun secondary movements;
those in Bangladesh to Thailand, Malaysia and Middle-east,
those in Thailand to Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippine,
a few of those in Malaysia made for Indonesia, Australia, and
a few those effort also traveled to developed countries, mostly to Japan and Korea through the help of agents.

The Rohingya situation has been already enough of highlighting and well documented but the global leaders and the world mechanism body UN do not paid attention enough nor solve the crisis effectively within Burma. While neighbouring countries are dealing the flows with human trafficking measures in order to punish the refugees who flee persecution and or to remove from their burden sharing as well..

For record,  today Rohingyas reached in 28 countries except from Burma are;
1) USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, UK, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Jerman, Finland, Japan.
2) Korea, China, Brunai, Singapore.
3) Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan, KSA, Oman, UAE, Thailand, Cambodia, Philipine, Malaysia, Indonesia.
Their living status classified into resettled people, working class and desperate group.

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