Update news of Arakan

Source from NDPHR(exile),

Sittwe town

Former political prisoner lawyer Kyaw Hla Aung (senior staff of MSF), is gone into hiding after the town chief police followed by dozens troops came to hunt in Thakkaybyin (Sakki fara) village, for his speaking with recently visited U.S. Envoy Mr. Derek Mitchell with others on 9 Sept 2012.

{The old man (center) beside the U.S. Envoy Mr.Derek Mitchell is Kyaw Hla Aung who was released after two months placed into hidden by police}

The source also told that a number of the Rakhine photographers took pictures of Rohingyas who met with foreign delegates and soon after police authority follow to hunt those Rohingyas..

Yangon based anti-Rohingya organization call Myanmar Resources Foundation(MRF) guided by military generals, came to organized muslim community in Sittwe on 9 Sept 2012 and invited meeting with graduate Rohingya youths at Aungmingala (Mole fara) village secretary’s home. In the meeting, about 20 Rohingya youths have been recruited and assigned as its members. The organization’s activity is not clearly told but in the first stage they were instructed to list the population and families of muslim.

Rambre town

Rakhine gangs are still prepared to attack muslims of Kyauknimaw village and blocked the food transporting into the village. Despite neighbouring Rakhine villagers are not attacking, the Rakhine perpetrator gang leaders are routinely inciting. The main seven gang leaders are identified as;

1) the village clerk Mya Thaung

2) rich-man Mye Pu

3) trader Ango Chi (aka) Tan Tun

4) trader Yae Tun

5) police chief Kaung Thu

6) lawyer Ba Chaing, origin from Kyaukpyu town, and

7) Aye Maung from Rakhine party member.

The source also confirmed that Rakhine gangs in Taungup town are checking in Taungup gate to ensure no food going for muslims. Therefore the villagers are still facing starvation, assaults and constant threats. While no aid group or delegate visited the displace and confined muslims of this area from the beginning.

Maungdaw town

9 Spet (Rohingyablogger): The police in Maung Daw started a fresh bid of arresting senior members of Rohingya community. It is said that police are arresting and locking up more learned man and figure heads from Rohingya community so that Rohingyas cannot meet the Inquiry Mission set up by the President and other forthcoming investigations and explain the crimes committed against them.

On Friday around 11am, a Rohingya figure man, U Maung Kyaw from Quarter-1, was arrested for no reason and subsequently sued. We are not sure yet under what cases he was charged. On Saturday (yesterday), around 17 Rohingyas from Quarter-5 were arrested. There were numbers of senior members were arrested from ShweZa village, too.

8 Spet (kaladanpress): 300 families from Maung Nah(Sa Oh Brang) village Buthidaung townshipwas uprooted by security forces and looted all their property. The security forces drove out the Rohingya families from the area to Maungdaw. But, the Burma border security force (Nasaka) again drove out them to the Buthidaung town. Now, the Rohingyas families are staying at Nan Yah Gone (Mein Gee Si) village without any home as the security forces are not allowing them to enter to their village.

Similarly, Rohingyas from Rathedaung township move to Maungdaw south, staying in the jungle or village under the trees since last month. No accommodations are made for them by authority. These Rohingyas are not able to stay in their villages of Rathedaung for their security. Rakhine community from Rathedaung are always trying to attack the Rohingyas community.The security personnel- police, Nasaka, Hluntin and army are not giving protection to them.

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