Update News of Arakan

Source from NDPHR(exile),

Side by side with international pressure,the

genocidal attacks by Rakhines are still going on through various ways in various areas therefore urgently solving the matter through;-Intervention by intl judicial body, Mediation by restoration of laws and orders on the Rakhines and those involved Rakhines to be brought into account, Normalization byurgently relocation of all homeless Rohingyas in their lost lands and rebuilding their houses, Establishing safeguard for Rohingyas by implementing

the constitution to recognize the existence of Rohingya, and An intl body to guard them. As, no oral statement will be assured in long term.

The death toll is more than (10,000) people, burned and destructed about (16,000) houses plus (57) mosques from 70 muslim villages across 8 different towns of Arakan state (Sittwe/Akyab, Maungdaw, Rathedaung, Kyauktaw, Pauktaw, Rambre, Myebon, Ponnagyuan). While the number of injuries, rapes, looting, arbitrary abuses is uncountable. About 90,000 homeless Rohingyas in Sittwe/Akyab alone but less than half of them have been listed in five refugee camps and receiving very poor assistance.

Except from Maungdaw and Sittwe towns, the rest more than 30,000 shelter-less mulsim victims comprising Rohingyas, Kaman and Rakhine muslims in Rathedaung, Kyauktaw, Pauktaw, Rambre, Myebon and Ponnagyuan towns are still compelled to die with starvation. And no aid group has visited so far from the beginning. As well as, Arakanese muslims in all over Arakan state are also facing food shortage from the beginning as a result of the government still impose confinement on them.

However, most of the reports narrowly covering the false news of government that undermines the ground reports and condones the victims. The reports also placates by highlighting fake Rakhine refugees, displaced number of Rakhines is less than 500 people from burnt down houses about 50 of Mingan village of Sittwe town and less than 1000 people from about 100 houses total of Maungdaw township.

"Update News of Arakan"

Kyauktaw town:

According to Mr Rofiq, a member of ERCA, a Rakhine dead body from the Rakhine village call Tharat Rwa was thrown near by the pound of Rohinga Fihsing (Zailafara @ Paiketay Yat) village on the evening of 12 Sept and blaming on the Rohingya villagers began from the next day morning.

Two fishermen fishing near the River were brutally beaten by a group of Rakhine gang and handed over to police as culprits. The two Rohingya victims are identified as Lalu s/o Md Rofiq and Abdu Malik s/o Junait from Fishing village. Their relatives said they were seriously wounded, one was twisted leg so they could not be survive.

Muslims have been separated from Rakhine in allover Arakan state and confined with authority but the Rakhines show dissatisfaction and still planning to attacks through inciting with fabricated allegations. Rakhine leaders are mainly organizing large demonstration across the Kyauktaw town and chanting and inciting to cleanse all Rohingyas. They routinely round into Rohingya villages and ask the military guarding to be removed. Despite it is on way investigation by police and wrong or right, the two Rohingya have been also detained in police custody.

Sittwe town:

11 Sept: Nasaka authority came to stamp its premise to be set up in Darrpaine (Thae chaung) village.

12 Sept: A Rohingya cowboy was brutally beaten up Rakhine gang while he crossing into burnt down areas. Now he is admited for medication in Thankkaybyin village.

13 Spet: According to Bo Min Aung’s letter and ground report confirmation,A Burman Muslim who went to Sittway for humanitarian assistance together with Malaysian group was attacked by Rakhine.

One of our colleagues from Yangon went to Sittway, Rakhine state together with Malaysian organization (MRA) few days ago. He and the other four (two Singaporean and two Malay) visited both side camps in Sittway; Rakhine Buddhists and the Muslims. Actually, our colleague arranged the trip by the agreement with Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP). A member of RNDP also followed together with them.

The Burman Muslim, Mr.Shine was attacked while he was standing in front of the central market after they bought different materials and goods for the refugees both Rakhine and Muslims. Two Rakhine men (an old Rakhine man was included) vigorously attacked him and about 500 Rakhine also surrounded him. Some Rakhine took him to a shop and he was beaten. Another one tried to beat him with a hammer on his head. He mentioned that he went for humanitarian assistance together with Malay group. But Rakhine said he must be beaten to death because he went there together with Kalar group.

He was stabbed by a Rakhine but he protected himself with a small bag. While a police tried to take him by motor bike, another Rakhine hacked him with a long knife but he protected again with his bag. Finally, another Rakhine beat him with the hammer on his head. He was wounded and hospitalized and taken to the police station as well. Next day, he with Malay group flew back to Yangon.

Maungdaw town

13 Sept (Kaladan Press): September 8, Noor Khobir-23 s/o Noor Hussain was arrested by police officer U Aung Kyaw Kent of Maungdaw police station. The victim belongs to Ward No.5. Later, he was released after taking Kyat 3000,000.The victim was arrested in the morning while he was going to the market for marketing.

On the same day, at about 4:00pm, Mohamed Rofique-35, a labor from Ward No.3 was arrested by police while he was working at the market and later he was released after taking money.

Besides, Baksha Meah-43 s/o Sultan was arrested by Burma’s border security force( Nasaka) of Pawet Chaung Nasaka out-post camp on September 9, at about 3:00 pm while he was sitting in his shop at the market. He is a shopkeeper, hailed from Wak Pyin village of Pawet Chaung village. After looting Kyat 14,000 from his pocket, the Nasaka went back to their camp.

Moreover, on September 12, in the morning, the police officer U Aung Kyaw Kent (police surveillance) accompanied by some other police men with civilian dress went to Ward No.5 and arrested Sayed Hussain s/o Abdu Rahaman when he was getting out of his house. However, he was released after paying Kyat 300,000.

On September 9, some Rohingya villagers of Nyaung Chaung (Khadir Bill ) village tried to meet the commission members at around 4 pm . But, they could not meet the commission members because of threats from Dr. Aye Maung, the Chairman of Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) who has instigated the violence against the Rohingyas and one of the main culprits of atrocities against Rohingyas. He threatened Rohingyas in many ways in front of the security forces. As a result, police Hluntin and Nasaka are encouraged to arrest Rohingya people in future.

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