Update news of Maungdaw township, Arakan

Maungdaw, Arakan State

18 Sept: Following to email from Abdullah Arakani, The Nasaka arrested Dawshtik Alom-27 s/o Soyed Alom, Mamed Sha-32 Kamal Hoson s/o Shommo Lawk-35 and looted 10 million kyats from them. Another Rohingya man was betaen-up in the centre point of city play-groud road on 17 Sept.

(Kaldan Press) : A Rohingya dead body identified as Salim s/o Anfru, hailed from Kila Dong village tract (Du Chee Yar Tan), was found in a stream by its villagers while it was floatingin th morning. According to sources, on September 16, Salim went to the stream to collect some vegetables and green leaves for selling it at the local market. But he did return home on that day. Rohingya villagers believe that he was killed by the Natala villagers (Mogh) of Kila Dong because he was slaughtered. An officer of Nasaka personnel (Burma border security force) from Kila Dong Nasaka out-post went to the spot to see the dead body and gave permission to bury the dead body at a local cemetery.

(Kaladan Press):In the morning of 16 Sept, a Rohingya woman, Arafa-45 w/o late Shafi, hailed from Khonza Bill, was severely beaten up by the military along with Natala villagers of Udaung village tract because she went to the Natala village to take back her relatives’ cattle that were taken away by army and local Natala villagers from grazing field, said a villager on condition of anonymity. When she reached to the Natala village, she was coerced to bow down the Buddhist Pagoda with her forehead by the Moghs. When she refused, she was severely tortured by them.She was released with the cattle after taking Kyat 30,000. Army or Nasaka with the collaboration of Natala villagers are taking away the cattle of Rohingya villagers while grazing in the field, said a local youth preferring not to be named.

(Kaladan Press): A Rohingya, Nur Hakim-25 s/o Abdu Razak from Ward No.(5), was arrested by police officer U Aung Kyaw Kent yesterday at 1:00 pm. over the allegation that he told the real happening to the Major Geneal Maung Oo. Hakim proved with documents to the high level officers that his house was burned down and also some Rohingya Muslim were killed by the police, Hluntin (riot police) along with Rakhine during the communal violence in June. He is still detained and tortured by the police at the police station of Maungdaw since yesterday.

After their ( ex-Western Command Commander) departure, the security forces, Nasaka, police, Hluntin and army have increased arresting the Rohingya people with fabricated cases against the Rohingya people. They tortured the arrestees and some were released after taking money.

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