“Ongoing situation of Sittwe town in the present of international pressure and aid workers”

source from NDPHR(exile)

From today afternoon, Aungmingala (Mole Fara) village has been surrounded by about 2,000 Rakhines involving monks from the front and chanting to leave all ‘kalars’. Military and police forces are already there and just watching the activities.
Yesterday evening, a Rohingya boy from the same village accompanied with a military going to the market, was took over by Rakhine gang and the military too was threatened. When police followed the scene, the boy was found throwing near the drain.

The observers say the attacks would be developed by night. This is only village exist in the town and as a result of non-stop disturbances by Rakhine, most of the villagers had been sneaked out from this village. So, the lives of a few remaining villagers mixed of Kaman and Rohingyas are in the worst.

Maungdaw town
27 Sept (Kaladan Press): Today, 3 Rohingyas- Mohamed Shafi-21 s/o Habi Rahaman, Azizullah-23 s/o Abul Kalam and Habib Ullah-25 s/o Abu Taher from Soung Hodar Bill village of Kyandaung village- were arrested and detained by the Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) over the allegation that they went to Bangladesh.
According to a local villager, a group of Nasaka personnel from the Nasaka camp of Aley Than Kyaw accompanied by a collaborator Biala went to their homes at night and arrested them with the fabricated case while they were sleeping. After arrest, they were severely beaten up on the spot and brought to their camp by the Nasaka personnel where they were detained in the camp and demanded Kyat 500,000 per each to be released.

Besides, on 25 September, 6 Rohingyas were arrested by the Nasaka personnel of Nasaka-out post camp of the Nasaka area No.(5) of Maungdaw north. Of them, two arrestees are identified as Mv Rashid s/o Sayed Hussain and Salim Ullah s/o Nukmal from Hoktuma village under the Ngkura village tract. They have been detained in the camp, so far. Nasaka personnel demanded huge money for their release.

(Kaldan Press): A Rohingya youth, Mohamed Alam-35 s/o Shofi Rahaman from Tharat Oo village, was killed by the Burma border security force (Nasaka) of Kawar Bill Nasaka Headquarters yesterday night and and the dead body was not handed over to his parents. He was arrested by the Nasaka of Kular bill Nasaka personnel of Nasaka area No.(6) on September 15, from his house over the allegation that he was involved in the recent riot between Rakhine and Rohingya community. After arrest, he was brought to Kyigan Pyin (Kawar Bill) Nasaka headquarters, where he was severely tortured and detained.

(Kaladan Press): Today, the armies decided to construct three army camps at Maungdaw south of Aley Than Kyaw, Horsora and Kyauk Pandu (Shita Purika) villages. The armies accompanied by Sayedullah (Nasaka agent from Aley Than Kyaw ) are collecting Kyat 10,000 and two-big bamboo per house. The villagers have to provide forced labor in future to build the army camps. Rohingya villagers are forced to pay money, materials to those constructions.

There is an agreement between Burma and Bangladesh not to build any army camp within 16 miles from zero-line boundary. The Burmese army’s attempt to build army camps within the restricted border area is acceptable to Bangladesh or not.

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