Condition of Sittwe and Maungdaw towns from afternoon of 28 Sept

Source NDPHR(exile),

The Rakhines about 3,000 with long swords, knives, and catapults and involving hundreds of monks from the front surrounded the Aungmingala (Mole Fara) Quarter until additional 400 military forces deployed there.

According to internal sources, Rakhines are frustrated with the government for not fulfilling their 18 demands made in Mayu Conference held in Rathedaung town on 25-26 Sept. The demands include to remove the muslim villages along the main communication streams in the Rakhine state that requires the removal of the surrounding muslim villages beside the both Sittwe Universities.

However, gathering of such large number of Rakhines was with false incitement by Rakhine leaders that one of the Rakhine boy (Aung Naing Oo) missing was killed in Rohingya village etc..

(Photo sent by Thuya)

In Maungdaw, several villages- Mraung Fara near Kiladaung, Quarter 3, Quarter 4, Quarter 5, Dil Para and Hawabil were surrounded by Rakhines and began various attacks.

According to ARU(media), yesterday some Rakhines from Natala village near the Rohingya village Kiladaung tried to kill a Rohingya boy from Mraung Fara near Kiladaung. But the villagers rushed on the spot after hearing the boy’s screaming. The villagers followed the Rakhine kidnapers and snatched the boy from Rakhines` hands. Later, the Rakhines entered again in the village with the help of army and harassed and tortured villagers. In fact, the Rohingyas in these villages expressed grave concern over their security and feel need of International Peacekeeping Forces for their protection.

The Psd. Thein Sein did curtail intl pressures by delivering kind speeches at the 67th UN General Assembly in New York on Thursday 27 Sept whether they are true or not that the people inhabiting in our country, regardless of race, religion and gender, have the rights to live in peace and security. A national level independent investigation commission has been established to investigate to ensure impartiality, the composition of the Commission is made up of representatives from all strata of the society, including the widely respected personalities from the Buddhist, Muslim, Christian and Hindu faiths.

(According to Maung Min, the 18 demands made in Mayu Conference held in Rathedaung town on 25-26 Sept, are as follow);

1.To build strong fence both along the sea and land of the western border of Myanmar as there are illegal inflow of foreigners.

2.To render full support in setting up economic zone in the Rakhine state with the lead of Rakhine people in order to refill the shrunk population.

3.To enjoy proportionate share of the natural resources of Rakhine state according to the international standard.

4.To prescribed an effective law for controlling the birth rate of Bengali people.

5.To put restrictions on the immovable properties of non-citizens.

6.To form and deploy People’s Militia with modern weapons in all villages of Rakhine.

7.To materialize exact practice on 1982 citizenship law.

8.To closely monitor the activities of UN and INGOs in the region.

9.To reveal the roots of Islamist inside Burma and take action accordingly.

10.To regain the lands of those who fled due to 1942 Muslim-Buddhist riots and after-1948 Mujahid’s revolt and establish the villages for the generation of those on these lands. The resettlement should be on the equal propotion of Muslims and Buddhist.

11. To remove the Bengali villages along the main communication streams in the Rakhine state and also to remove the surrounding Muslim villages of Sittwe University for peaceful schooling of the students.

12. To promptly implement the Saing Tin Water Fall to generate hydro electric power for local people.

13. To assure security of all the government services employee along the border area.

14. To prescribe the curriculum of Madrasa from the concern authority and watch closely whether the same is in action.

15. To execute the words that the president have urged the UNHCR officer on 11-07-20012 regarding Rohingyas. The Rakhine communities whole heartedly support these words and demand to implement the same.

16. To return the all kinds of lands, lakes, creeks confiscated by the concerned military, department and organization.

17. To stop the auction system on creeks, streams, seas which are the main sources of family earning for the common people.

18. To quickly implement the rail road, motor road between villages and townships.

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