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Unreported: Rohingyas tortured for speaking with Inquiry Commission in Kyauktaw town

Source NDPHR(exile),

In the evening about 16:00pm (local time) of 21 Sept, police chief of Kyauktaw town followed by dozens of police forces selectively arrested 12 Rohingyas from Paiketay(Fishing) village with false allegation. All of these 12 Rohingyas are in deed who spoke to Inquiry Commission of president Thein Sein. During they were loading onto the police jeeps, the villagers run on the spot and confronted with police. That resulted the ten Rohingya men were able to escape but the rest two other, village vice president U Maung Nu s/o Nurboshor and Jalalluddin-19, were not because they were handcuffed on the jeep.
After taken to police station, the two men were brutally tortured up to unconscious and sent to hospital. Again in hospital, the hospital staffs said they could not grantee for their safety for several gangs are looking for them. Eventually the family members discharged both of them from the hospital with the help of military. Yet, the both men are in critical condition and still laying in the bed without medical treatment.

Despite Inquiry Commission talked to the media on the arrival of Yangon that they had been accessed easily to the affected areas and met with victims, the story of they were blocked by hundreds of Rakhines during they landed at Kyauktaw jetty and again when they were entering into Rohingya villages are not told.
It is also confirmed that the commission had not traveled to all affected areas particularly to Guvitaung, Ambari and Shwe Hlaing villages that were lately burnt down in Kyauktaw town on 5 Aug.
Moreover, the team had not also visited to Pauktaw town where Rohingya and Kaman houses plus 2 mosques from Rwa Thit (Quarter-3), Saysudaine, Quarter-4 were mainly destructed and about 1,000 of people believed to be dead according to ground reports we received.

In the afternoon about 14:00pm of 30 Sept, hundred of Rakhines and police forces came to attack the Paiketay (Fishing) village after the Rakhine leaders spreaded false news of a Rakhine sellsman was robbed his groceries and beaten-up by Rohingyas in the village. However, the sellsman is a tribe belongs to ‘Mro’ ethnic from U Ris Taung rushed on the spot to the scene and explained reality to the military. Finally the military drove all of those aggressive Rakhines and police forces. After revealing the truth, police forces wisely said that they just followed to ensure the villagers’ security..


Maungdaw town
30 Sept
(Kaladan Press):
A passengers bus carrying  more than 35  Rohingyas- men, women and children- coming from Inn Din village of Maungdaw south to Maungdaw  Township, was attacked  by Rakhines and army today at about 2;30pm. The owner of bus is U Khin Zaw alias Shanuwas  son of master Abul Jamil @ U Ba Maung.
The bus was stopped by the army – the security forces for new settler (Natala) villagers-  Khaing Gyi  where most of their partner Rakhines – new settler of Khaing Gyi – were hiding near the check post. The army started checking the bus after stopping and the Rakhines were looting all the belonging of passengers. After that, both Rakhines and army started beating the passengers (Rohingyas). Some passengers ran ways from the bus and take shelter near Rohingya villages. The army and Rakhines destroyed the bus glasses and chairs. At last , the bus finally reach Maungdaw Township with some wounded Rohingya passengers  and reported to the concerned authority, but  no action was taking  to Rakhines  settler and army  till evening.
Besides, Oli Ahmeed son of Bodi Rahman from Pa Nyoung Bin Gyi (Shaira) was beaten by Rakhine settler from Wethali village – near three miles Nasaka checked post- when  he  was coming from Ward number-6 (4 mile village).
No officers from three miles checked post were involved to save Oli Ahmed from Rakhines settler and he  was very serious position now. The victim was now in Maungdaw hospital  and getting treatment.

Sittwe town
30 Sept (Kaladan Press): A truck with a Rakhine dead body was seized by patrol army personnel nearby Akyab University main campus adjacent to Molake Ward on September 29, in the morning.
On suspicion, the patrol army personnel stop the truck while it was going to nearby Muslim village, searched the truck and found a dead body of a Rakhine. The army brought the truck to their camp with the people where they were detained. The dead body was handed over to the relatives or not, it is unknown.
The dead body was brought to the Akyab university main campus nearby Rohingya village, Amla Para, Mowlake Para to throw it in the compound of university in the intention of that the Rakine was killed by Muslim Rohingyas, to mention it was threw by Rohingyas. By accusing the Muslim Rohingya villagers, they want to attack again the Rohingya villages—Mowlake, Handi Hola, Amla Para, and Hoshai Para —-like September 28 (Friday), event in Akyab.

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