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More detail about Sittwe Crisis

Source NDPHR(exile), 7 Oct

[ Houses inside the central mosque compound burning seen from outside]

Today at around 14:30pm, Police authority corporately with extremist Rakhines entered into the ancient Sittwe Central Mosque (beside Cultural Museum) by claiming to check electric shock and set fire the mosque and houses around it. On the time of military forces arrived to extinguish the fire, two houses around it were already burnt down and the mosque was damaged to how much is not yet known.

{police forces rushing after set fire but no Raskhine was arrested}

At the same time, more than thousand extremist Rakhines plus radical monks also surrounded the Aungmingala (Mole Fara) Quarter. They attacks with rocks and poisonous arrows and attempted to set fire the village. However, the military and police forces have heavily deployed on time and still trying to handle the situation by defining restricted lines.

[The crowd of monks and Rakhines entering into Rohingya village]

The sources confirm that the extremist Rakhines and radical monks are still around the villages and chanting with various violent words.

[the arrow attacked by Rakhines]

Rakhines become more dare to attack openly over Rohingyas because the government has not installed the Laws and Order for them and 42 Rakhines arrested across the town by military forces from August were also released on 17 September after Rakhine community staged several protests. They were arrested for attempting to attack the Rohingya villages but when ever they were handed to police, the police reversed the charges as ‘trespassing into curfew area’.

The view of ancient Sittwe Central Mosque
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