Causalities and Destructions in Southern Arakan (update from 21 October)

Source NDPHR(exile),

What happening in Arakan is not the clashes of but the state sponsor ethnic cleansing pogrom through genocidal attacks but the government and local media still providing reverse information and hiding the actual numbers of causalities and facts by fancily reporting as ‘a few dead and around thousand houses burnt’. Their reports ever failed to cover the voices of victims.

The quasi-civilian government and Rakhine people have well known about the weakness of UN and its global leaders on Burma chapter and their deliberative dealings. As well as, the silent on the ongoing emergency crises of Rohingya allows escalation of additional crimes.

From 20 Oct, most of those Rakhine people who violently involved in the attacks were came by boats from Taungup and Tandwe towns and they organized the rest in respective towns where the attacks took place.

The government authority did not stop them marching to attack the villages and the tele-communication all over Arakan state was cut off on the time of the attacks began. Surprisingly, the attacks were took place during the ‘Martial Law’ is imposed and security armed forces are guarding these areas.

In total, about (4,200) houses plus at least (7) mosques were burnt down and about (1,000) people including about 20 Rakhines were also dead in 5 different towns- Minbya, Mrauk U, Kyaukpyu, Myebon and Pauktaw towns of Southern Arakan state of western Burma. In the present, the dead bodies of 178 those found in Mrauk U town were buried in the graveyard of Yainetay (Zula Fara) village..

The terrorist Rakhines have eagerly attacking in all over Arakan state beside but we are unable to collect ongoing attacks in the various areas due to communication difficulties.

Kyaukpyu town
The remaining houses in Fishing village of Kyaukpyu town have been heavily attack again jointly with Rakhine people and local authorities including fire-fighters pouring with the patrols from the morning 8:00am of 24 Oct. The villagers confirmed that there are about (2,000) houses of Rohingya, Kaman and Rakhine muslims in this village. The first attacked on 23 Oct caused only about 60 houses plus the mosque were burnt down and about a dozen dead.
Beside the other village call Pyinpyumo village consisting around 100 houses plus the mosque were also burnt down.

Some muslim houses in Rakhine dominated central areas were not set fire but the people were brutally expelled by Rakhines and armed forces. Most of the people with 38 different boats had been departed from Kyaukpyu town and so far 16 boats load of more than thousand people were already landed in Sittwe town. But there is no place for them too in over crowded concentration camps. The fates of the rest many hundreds who are escaping on the way by boats, are unknown. The reason they headed to Sittwe town is after the navy forces who are patrolling across the Tandwe town waters have been given permission to shot those escapee boat-people.

The reliable sources confirmed that total killing in the scene, in hiding areas and during escaping by the boats, is estimated about 500 people for Kyaukpyu town alone.

Myebon town
All the scattered muslim houses about 200 in Alaybaine Rwa (central area) and Taungbaw Rwa (mountain village) plus the mosque of Myebon town were also attacked from the evening 20:00pm of 23 Oct and burnt down where about a dozen Muslims were slaughtered. On 24 Oct, the military forces followed to the mountain where the muslim villagers hiding and shot dead 8 people. Most of the rest people were taken by police but it is also not sure whether police protected them or handed over to Rakhine people. Because the communication with these people has been lost since they been taken.

Pauktaw town

Some Rohingya villages were attacked and a few houses were burnt down on 23 Oct. People are continuously escaping and hiding. A survivor who arrived in Sittwe town told that almost almost all of about 95 Rohingyas mostly women and children were attacked and killed by Rakhine gangs during they departing for Sittwe town.

More confirmation about Minbya and Mrauk U towns
As we have reported on 23 Oct the following six villages plus mosques in these villages were attacked from 21 Oct but more details have been gathered as below.

1)Yainetay (Zula Fara) village of Mrauk U town consisting about 700 houses was attacked from early morning around 8:00am(local time) of 23 Oct and all the houses plus the mosque were burnt down.

2) Parein village consisting more than 500 houses plus the mosque of Mrauk U town, have been attacked from morning 4:00am(local time) of 22 Oct and all have been burnt down.

3) Nagara Pauktaw (Fauksa Fara) village of Minbya town, was attacked early morning around 8:00am(local time) of 23 Oct and about 100 of 350 houses were burnt down. The sources also confirmed new military forces sent from Sittwe town has took control of this village thus no attack is recurred yet.

4) Paiketay Rwa (Fishing village) of Minbya town consisting about 300 houses was attacked from from evening 22:30pm of 21 Oct and 50 out of 300 houses were burnt down. Newly arrived military forces from Sittwe town has took control the village so no more attack has been recurred.

5) Tharak Rwa of Pann Mraung village of Minbya town consisting about 190 houses within Rakhine dominated area, has been attacked from 7:00am of 22 Oct and all houses plus the mosque were burnt down.

6) Sudaine Rwa village of Minbya town was also set fire from 15:00pm of 22 Oct and all houses plus the mosque were burnt down.

For both towns, the sources despite estimate the death toll about 100 people but at the moment more than a dozen were confirmed found dead including 3 Rakhine people, in deed:
a) the death toll is more than 200 from Minbya town most of them are Nagara Pauktaw village;
b) more than 100 mostly women and children from Yainetay (Zula Fara) village of Mrauk U town who were taken by local police forces for protection were also shot dead by police authority jointly with RNDP members; and

c) the mob followed to slaughter the rest about 350 people mostly women and children from Parein village of Mrauk U town who gone to hiding areas therefore most of them believed to be killed.

In the arson attacks some Rakhine houses beside muslim houses in Rakhine dominated central areas were also transmitted fire and burnt down.

Situation in Sittwe town and Rambre towns
In Sittwe, thousands of Rakhine people involving monks are asking to relocate the following villages and they timely march and prepare to attack the Rohingya villages;
-a few Kaman muslim houses beside the Sittwe Old College,
-Rohingya villages near by Sittwe New College which built on Rohingya farming lands of Bumay (Furun Fara) and open from year 2000,
-Northern Rohingya villages near by newly built GTC college beside military camp which was also built on farming lands of Fyalikchaung villagers.

Both in Rambre and Sittwe town, the dead line to abandon the villages voluntarily was set within 3 days therefore the muslim villagers from Rambre town are escaping by boats.

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