Arakan Crises Update

Source NDPHR(exile),

Rambre town
The Kyauknimaw village has been subsequently surrounded by large group of Rakhine about 20,000 people from 1 Nov. The villagers said that it is not sure when they would be faced heinous attacks because they are still awaited eagerly despite most of theses Rakhines were came by boats from different areas and sometimes it seem to be they gone away, they are still around the village and await to attack instantly. They became more furious since their 4 Rakhine members were shot by the non-Buddhist military forces in the morning about 8:00pm of 29 Oct where 3 died on the spot and the rest one died later. Somehow, the military forces continue to protect the villagers very hardly by beefing up its troops up to 300 from 80.

Buthidaung town
1 Nov (source ARU): Rohingya religious leaders from Maungdaw town detained in July, were sentenced ten years imprisonment on 30 Oct without trial. The subjugation is very clear that no mercy, no amnesty and no justice at all. About1000 Rohingyasare still languishing in the notorious jail of Buthidaung town. A Rohingya MP of government back party-USDP, U Shwe Muang appealed President Thein Sein to grant amnesty to innocent Rohingyas who are languishing in there.

Kyauktaw town
2 Nov:Tens of thousands of Rakhines began demonstration and violences across the town from the afternoon as a result of the government military forces are protecting the biggest Rohingya village Zaila Fara (Fishing village).

29 Oct: Thousands of Rakhines with various arms came to attack the Zaila Fara (Fishing village) in the evening but it was drove away by the military forces and 3 armed Rakhines shot dead in confrontation with the forces.

27 Oct: A Rohingya cowboy, Junaid-15 s/o Md Shan from Khaungdok Zay Rwa (Khondol Bazar Fara) was slaughtered by a gang of Rakhine during he was cutting grass from the farming field near by his house within his village at around 10:00am.

25 Oct: The government military forces redhanded 71 guns, arrows, lethal knives and explosive devices from the Rakhine people who were entering into the Rohingya village call Latsaungkok (Buhar Fara) village and more from Taungbwe (Mura Fara) village. But the military did not detained nor inquiry anyone.
The president Thein Sein’s office fanatically told the RFA on 31 Oct, did not detail the reality and simply put on the crises by quoting as-
The violence has grown from "normal conflict to armed conflict [and] in some cases, security personnel had been threatened with arms,"… and "are investigating further".

Sittwe town
1 Nov: The mosque of the Aungmingala (Mole Fara) and a richman Rohingya Khobir’s building were searched by police and dozens of Rakhines by wrongfully accuse of hiding weapons. But they found nothing at the end.
On 31 Oct, poisoning in salts and sugars which were bought from the market via military forces, found and the villagers reported to the military and handed over them to the former village secretary Shwe Hla.
Similarly on 30 Oct, poisoned oils were delivered to Thakkaybyin (Sakki Fara) village. The villager did doubt and test by feeding fried rice to a dog.

Pauktaw town
28 Oct: The Rakhine people with the collaboration of Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) forces attacked the Rohingya village of Kinipyin from the noon and all about 1,000 houses were burnt down and the death toll is unknown. According to the source reported at the Rohingyablogger, the Pauktaw township deputy Administrator (U Kyaw Aye) and RNDP Secretary (U Thar Htun Aung) went a Rohingya village, Ngat Chaung village on 27 Oct and told, “You must have to leave the village and you are not entitled to stay here”.

Crises beyond Arakan

Yangon town (former city)

29 Oct: A family of 3 members, a grand mother, a father and 3 and half years old kid from Quarter-69 of South Dagon town were chopped in the house in the evening 3:30pm. The culprit is still on the run thus the police detained the culprit’s mother and grand-mother.

Karen State

29 Oct (Irrwaddy News): Two mosques in Karen State’s Kawkareik Township were the apparent targets of a pair of grenade attacks that took place shortly after midnight on Monday.

A similar attack was reported in Kyondo, a sub-township of Kawkareik, where residents reported a small explosion at a local mosque.

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