Australia Breaches the Rights of Refugees

by James,

Unbelievably, despite Australia seem to promote human rights once it has become member of Security Council, the government and immigration authority are openly committing human rights abuses in humanitarian chapter and also engaging its counterpart countries such as Nauru and Papua New Guinea (PNG) to commit similar crimes.

Since the Australian government has changed its legislation in regard to boatpeople arrivals and approved Pacific Solution’, all boatpeople arrivals from 13 Aug 2012 are being bound for Nauru and Manus Islands. However the policy clearly distinct or discriminate based on nationalities that only some of asylum-seekers such as dark-skin Tamil and unwanted Middle East asylum-seekers are mostly transferred. While the rest majority are instantly and respectively released into community therefore asylum-seekers who are languished in those islands, response with non-stop hunger strikes, lip stitching and form of self-harms..

Indeed, little countries such as Nauru and PNG do not have legal right to swab or detain refugees and asylum-seekers. The corrupt governments are looking for more financial benefits rather than humanity goal that is why they are breaching International and domestic Laws.

Reliable source claims up to date from 13 Aug, at least 942 Srilankan asylum-seekers arrived by boats were forcefully deported without accessing of their asylum claim. Whereas, the department fancily claims about 200 of them were sent through voluntarily. The deportation deal is approved between puppet minister Chris Bowen and Srilankan crime government.

Moreover, there are Ms. Ranjini (a mum with 3 kids) and 55 others including four stateless Burmese Rohingyans also found to genuine refugees, have been facing arbitrary detention after Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) selectively issued adverse security clearance without credibility and well founded reason. It is publicly questionable about consistency of security processing when many bogus refugees were released earlier than genuine one after how their fake critiria established and given positive clearance. It is being worse than cases of Guantanamo detainees have right to know the reason but ASIO rejected refugees don’t have and the government will not tell them why either.
A High Court ruling in October held that the government cannot keep them in detention simply on the basis of the ASIO negative finding. Yet the government is still dragging its feet on reviewing their cases and they remain in detention with no indication of when any of them might be released.

By laws refugees who are deemed by ASIO can be transferred to any third country. However, the government and the immigration department have not yet taken such a mandated step for these refugees. As well as, applications of some of them who have biological relatives in a third country, are also practically not processed by the immigration department. For the pride of ASIO and the government, their lives therefore are being imprisoned and ended up in uncertainty.

The rights of refugees and asylum-seekers exist only in Refugee Conventions but it is being proved not a practical one. Australian government funded concern quarters such as Refugee Council, Federal Ombudsman, Human Rights Commission and internationally ranking Federal Police Department (AFP) in Australia are silent over on going crime of arbitrary detention against humanity.

UNHCR is failed again in protection of its own refugees even in signatory country. The world body UN is silent again in such matter when it has failed to stop humanitarian crises around the world.

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