Hundred of Muslims killed and Eight Mosques destroyed in Meiktilar, Mandalay, Central Burma

Source Mayu Press, 21 Mar


There is no stability of racism under the Act-144 imposed by the Burmese government authority. The Buddhist racists continued vandalizing Muslim’s ancient Mosques and Religious school and also houses one after another. Muslim families are leaving and fleeing to avoid the life hazards from their respective own houses. The Buddhists had burnt down Mingalar Zayyu Hafiz School at midnight of 21 March 2013. According to eye-witness, Myo Oo Mosque was torched up by throwing diesel bottles and fire sticks. Muslims are under Act-144 whereas Buddhist racists are moving crowdedly with heavy iron rods, swords, sharpens knife and diesel bottles by motorcycles and three-wheel autos.

Name of Mosques burnt down and destroyed by Buddhist racists:

  1. Nyeinn Gyann Yaye Mosque (Peace Mosque)
  2. North Pye Thaya Mosque
  3. Thiyi Mingalar Mosque
  4. Mingalar Zayyu Mosque and Hafiz School
  5. Myo Oo Mosque
  6. Pakistan Mosque
  7. Hman Lon Mosque (Glass enclosed Mosque)
  8. Western Market Zamay Mosque

Watch :

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