Continuous attacks against Muslims across central and other parts of Burma

Source Unreported News of Rohingya,

The central government is directly supporting its buddhist people and similar attacks like in Arakan, are progressively taking place across central and other parts of Burma. Like in Arakan, no Buddhist perpetrator is arrested yet and security police arrive in every scene to protect its buddhist people ad arresting muslim leaders. The so call Law & Order just installing additionally to confine muslims.

The next target is in Yangon; top muslim business companies, famous ancient mosques and muslim houses in main areas. Buddhists people of Yangon are saying that they don’t need to buy muslim houses, they will soon get free.

It is like there is no body to protect the muslims of Burma, nor International communities and world UN bodies are exist for them. US government warns its citizens to evacuate from Yangon in good time. UN SG Ban Ki-moon wanted the same to rescue its international staffs from Arakan state during June last year. The government and the buddhist people of Burma witness the action taken by the world for Arakan crises that is why they are very vigillantly carrying more genocidal attacks.

(captued action of police forces in the scene)

"Report of continuous attacks against Muslims across central and other parts of Burma"

Pago(Pegu) Division:

27 Mar (Irrawaddy News): The ttackers destroyed Muslim quarters in Monyo and Padigon townships located about 100 miles (170 km) north of Rangoon. In Monyo “riots started at 7:10 pm. A mosque was totally destroyed and nearly 100 Muslim-owned houses were ransacked. Similarl incident, a mosque and 20 houses were destroyed in Padigon Township, located about 30 miles (50 km) away from Monyo town.

The violence subsequently spread to a total of six Mandalay Division townships before hitting Muslim communities further south in Pegu Division. Okpho, Gyobingauk, Zigon, Minhla and Nattalin townships were affected there on Monday and Tuesday, and hundreds of homes and several mosques were destroyed.

The mosque at Gyobingauk Township, Pegu Division, was attacked by a mob on Monday night, who used a bulldozer to ram through one of its walls. To see more photos click on the box below. (Photo: Steve Tickner / The Irrawaddy)

25 Mar: A gang of Buddhist extremists destroyed a Mosque, Muslim houses and shops in Oaak Tha Kone Town at the mid-night of 24 March. A day before, the gang broke the windows of Mosque with throwing stones and also destroyed teashops, departmental shops, five houses and one Bakery that all were belong to Muslims.
More in Yay Kyaw village, another Islamic religious school was vandalized by a group of buddhist gang.
Similarly in Nattalin township, a mosque and a few muslim houses were burnt down by mid-night.

The Muslim villagers are very minoirty in this areas so they could not resist the mob while security forces were just watching the activities and behaved as uncontrollable but then the Military personnel control the situation.

Shan state:
24 Mar: Moreover, the Mine Tauk village Mosque (the first Mosque in Shan State built by Turkish Muslims in 260 years ago) of Innlay Lake region (Nyaungshwe Township) was also burnt down by buddhist gang on 24 Mar. It is very surprise to know about the security police alerted not to engage religious confrontation by morning and soon after a gang appeared to torch the roof of the mosque.
The locals say the rioters were Buddhisms from central Myanmar who were working in a construction site situated near by.

Mandalay Division:
24 Mar: Muslim villagers of Minn-hla village in Pyay township were attcked by eveing 19:00pm. A mosque and about 20 houses were burnt down.

23 Mar: Muslim villagers of Ywar Tan village of Yamethin township were attacked by extemist buddhists. The attacks began from early moring and about 58 muslim houses plus a mosque( Zaygone Mosque) were burnt down. More than a dozen muslims were also killed in the attacks and a few youths were set fire alive by pouring fuel. The attacks resumed by eveing and muslim shops in the market were vandalized.

20-23 Mar: Following a minor dispute between a muslim goldshop owner (U Tun Aye) and a buddhist woman at around 11am of Wednesday(20 Mar) Myoma Market in Meiktila township, about two hundred buddhists who were gathered thereby were immediately began destropying that gold shop plus five other muslim shops, beatings and killings of muslims. From then the buddhist mob led by ‘969’ monks spreaded anti-muslim propaganda and began destroying mosques and muslim houses through throwing diesel bottles and fire sticks.
By eveing, 3 mosques plus about hundred muslim houses were burnt down and about 30 muslims dead. After all, the government installed 144 Act. Becasue of such act is just installed to protect its buddhist own people, the buddhist people have able to carry continuous attacks by the following morning and the next day night again and on..
By 23 Mar, the total death toll reached to about hundred including 28 students and 4 teachers killed in the Religious Arabic School of Mingalar Zayyon village at about 6.30 AM, 21 Mar, 14 mosques and about 200 muslim houses total destructed across the town.
Accoding to Mohd Farooq reporting at Mayu Press, total mosques destructed in Meiktila township alone are listed as below;
1. Jamae Mosque (In Ashaepyin Quarter at the west of Bazaar)
2. Bengali Mosque (In Yadanar Maung Quarter)
3. Nyein Chan Yay Mosque ( In Yadanar Maung Quarter)
4.Turkish Mosque ( In Yadanar Maung Quarter, Tat Nae, Military ground)
5. Myoma Mosque ( In Yadanar Maung Quarter)
6. Hmanlone Mosque (a) Thiri Mingalar (Ka Gyi) Mosque ( In Thiri Mingalar Quarter)
7. Pakistan Mosque ( In Thiri Mingalar Quarter)
8. Myo Oo Mosque ( In Aung Zayyar Quarter)
9. Nandawgone Mosque and Arabic Institute ( In Nandawgone Quarter)
10. Tharyargone Mosque ( In Nandawgone Quarter)
11. Chan Aye Tharyar Mosque ( In Chan Aye Tharyar Quarter)
12. Pyi Tharyar and Pyi Tharyar , Places of Worship ( In Pyi Tharyar Expanded Quarter)
13. Mingalar Zayyone Mosque ( In Mingalar Zayyone Quarter)
14. Arabia Mudia School ( In Thiri Mingalar Quarter)
15. Azizia Arabic Institute ( In Nandawgone Quarter)
16. Arabi High School ( In Mingalar Zayyone Quarter)

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