“Plight of Rohingya Moving & Arrivals in Australia”

By James,

A boat load of about 300 Burmese refugees was caught up by Malaysian authority across Lankawi waters on the night of 10 July. Most of them are Rohingyans and the boat was caught after about 30 minutes of departure from the shore.
At the moment, they are detained in Lankawi police lock-up and await for UNHCR’s interference.

Similarly a week before, there was another boat load of more than hundred Burmese refugees was caught up between Lankawi and Thai-waters by Thai-navy forces. All of them are still locked in Thailand police custody.

It is confirmed that all of them are heading to Australia despite the Australian government introduced Pacific Solution from 13 Aug 2012 in order to deter boat arrivals through transferring to the islands of PNG and Nauru. However, the boat arrivals continue, women and kids risk together because they could not reunite under the policy.

Part of such policy, last week about 13 Rohingyans and Burmeses from Chrismas Island and Darwin were transferred to PNG detention camp.
Another boat arrived by last month included 30 Burmeses mix of Rohingya were also transferred to Nauru Island.

The smaller nations like Nauru and PNG are bound to be agreed with Australian projects that encourage business interest potentially undermines refugees’ rights”.

It come to note that poor treatment of refugees is not only found in transit countries but also in developed country like Australia.
These vulnerable refugees will be ended up between the bowling policy while the refugee actor UNCR itself refuses to resettle muslim refugees like Rohingya and Burmese muslims who are the most persecuted and facing ethnic cleansing pogroms from the past six decades.

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