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A Baby Died and Some Beaten-up While Approach for Refugee Registration at UNHCR in Malaysia

by Kerry,

A two months old baby was died from suffocation and at least 4 people were beaten-up on their approach for refugee registration at UNHCR in Malaysia.
A Burmese refugee known as Ko Kyaw said, “we heard the UNHCR has opening registration for refugees so I myself and 22 others approached to UNHCR office from midnight but at the time about a thousand people were already gathering there. By morning, only about a hundred were allowed to enter into UNHCR premise.”

The Sail: ‘Burmese Asylum-seekers waiting outside for registration”

Ko Kyaw further added that “UNHCR has deployed security and military staffs inside the premise and we were forced to stay outside under the sun. Around 1.30pm, a  lady screamed after she noticed her baby is not responding. It was a big crowd and sunny as well, therefore  the baby was died from suffocation in her mother chest.”
Another man who want to be unnamed said, “some people were unhappy with the moment after hearing of the baby died so they started shouting towards UNHCR office and some climbed onto the front wall of UNHCR. Suddenly, the military personnels who are deployed inside responded by beating with steaks so at least four people got injuries. A few minutes later, the police forces with trucks were interfered by waving steaks and asked all outside to leave the premise. I had to leave without registration after along wait up to 2.30pm from mid-night.”

A Brief Presentation on Rohingya

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Presentation Roh }

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