The Sail

The Sail blog was born to gather sailing news of Burmese people particularly in Malaysia.

The Sail blog was founded by a group of  students  based in Malaysia and it has volunteer members in  exile.

The Sail blog intended to highlight the situation of vulnerable Burmese people which are neglected by modern way.

If you doubt on The Sail’s any report, please contact at ( and we will deliver more sorts of accountable, credible and substantial sources.

You no more need to worry that your article or report of genuine cases would not be released.  As The Sail reserves the right to Freedom of Expression, we welcome your report and article.

The Sail will be remained as an anonymous in regard to continue reporting and to avoid disturbances.


The Sail


twitter: @Thesailm The Sail





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  • Aziz arakane  On April 7, 2013 at 7:15 am

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