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“On this World Refugee Day (19 June 2009), let us remember that refugees too are real people with real needs. Helping them to rebuild their lives and their communities benefits us all.”  High Commissioner António Gutteres

“The Practice of granting asylum to people fleeing persecution in foreign lands is one of the earliest hallmarks of civilization.”    UNHCR website…

“Resettlement is depend on various resettlement countries, not by UNHCR”, malaysiakini, on15 March 2007

“Our state has already welcomes refugees regardless of race, religion, colour or rank. Please, approach to frontier UNHCR, UNHCR itself can be consider in the context of this quota”.  By resettlement countries


“Rohingyas need of the same protection, assistance, education and a safe environment, like others.” Mr Harun

“No matter how a few, we need equal in that a few”, Mr Habib a member of ARRC, quoted during UNHCR and community meeting in Chinese Assembly Hall, Kl on 13 Feb 2009.

“UNHCR has yet to issue mandated refugee card to Rohingya refugees and to remove sophisticated word ‘bin’.”,  Mr Sadek, coordinator of ARRC


“With no short term solution for the refugee problem, the common challenge is to find a way to fulfill the needs of the refugees and at the same time protect the interest of the host country as a whole.”

The Myanmar refugees consist of some 38,900 Chins, 18,900 Rohingyas, 6,400 Muslims, 3,800 Mon, 3,600 Kachins and the remaining being other ethnic minorities from Myanmar. (Rohingyas take the second place as they do not come legally and their arrivals by risky boats are unwelcomed.) 

“Very often when camps are created they tend to last longer than other kind of situations because the camps take on a life of their own,”

“One of the challenges for Malaysia as it aspires to be a fully developed country by 2020 is that it will need to assume its global responsibility and one of those is to help the situation of refugees.” (if so, some marginalized groups are in the attest of it until 2020.)

“He said his side submitted more than 10,000 refugees for resettlement last year but reiterated the best solution for refugees was to go home.” Alan Vernon, crrent representative of UNHCR-Malaysia. story from  Malaysia’s Never Ending Woes with Refugees , (now you have to think rationally that who or which group could be able to back home.)

“There are many economic opportunities in other areas and that would decongest Kuala Lumpur. The group is hungry for work. They make very good workers because they know they have to survive,” said Vernon.
story from Top UN official urges Malaysia to allow refugees to work “formally” (do you think they are not hungry for protection?)



“Resettlement in third countries remained the only viable solution for many of the refugees in Malaysia.”  but question yourself that would it be applied fairly?

“An important achievement for UNHCR was the registration of all unregistered people of concern,many of whom had been in the country for years.” no doubt that they would be registered firstly with enforcement authority.

“UNHCR registered more than 39,000 persons and conducted RSD for over 34,000 applicants.” look at them and understood it is not for all.

“Interventions by the Office resulted in the release from detention of 4,600 persons. Legal representation was provided in 1,100 cases. The resettlement operation exceeded set targets by 14 per cent, submitting more than 10,000 refugees for resettlement processing.” UNHCR Global Report 2009 – Malaysia,

UNHCR helps reunite Somali mother and son in UK
“An e-mail came to our office from Barre asking if his mother had come to see us,” said Yukiko Iriyama, head of UNHCR’s resettlement section in Kuala Lumpur. “We were happy to be able to tell him that his mother had approached our office just a few months before that, and that we had been trying to locate him.”
News Stories, 11 June 2008,  (many Burmese refugee family members left in Malaysia are hopping to reunite their biological family resettled in across Europe.) 


“Refugees are not always able to return safely home or to remain in the country where they received asylum. There are situations in which resettlement to a third country is the only safe and viable durable solution for refugees. ” More on our special pages: Refugee Resettlement

My New Home in Resettlement Country, which will help me one day to help my native country: UNHCR News Stories , 31 October 2008


“For many refugees, being offered a new home in another country can mean the difference between life and death. It offers refugees both protection and a lasting solution to their plight.”
by Henrik Nordentoft, acting UNHCR representative in Malaysia, story from Czech mission to Malaysia paving way for landmark resettlement programme, on 24 July 2008

“Refugees have become a perennial problem for us, anybody who comes into the Country without proper documentation will be consider illegal, we have more than our fair share, they should be relocate to a third country, the fact is we are not signatory to 1951 06 1967 Refugee Convention, we have called the Agency”. NST page-8, on 18 April 2007

“Malaysia is like other United Nation member Countries, do not recognized UNHCR’s Power.” NST page-2, on 02 Feb 2007

Auxiliary Police Unit (Rela) director Zaidon Asmuni said, “if talking about human rights, can not talk about security. Illegal migrants are enemy No.2, No. 1 is drug”.
multimedia in an interview on Dec 2007, and others

“A limited number of extremely vulnerable refugees, in particular those unable to work, will continue to rely on UNHCR and its partners to provide basic necessities, such as financial assistance for shelter, issuance of stay and work permits by the Government, food, transport, basic health care, education/training for children, psychosocial/ counseling services, in particular for the survivors of SGBV/torture as well as unaccompanied minors, assistance for critical medical treatment, both short-term and possibly perpetual care, such as antiretroviral therapy.” UNHCR Country Operations Plan 2007 – Malaysia   
“UNHCR Malaysia will concentrate on protection and protection assistance for populations of concern in Malaysia, as well as resettlement for those in respect of whom a temporary local solution is not feasible (including those who are in detention).” UNHCR Country Operations Plan 2007 – Malaysia   



“There was certainly a decline in resettlement post-Sept 11. That’s because of a changed security environment.” Said Dr Volker Turk,  representative of UNHCR-Malaysia. malaysiakini on 10 Nov 2004.



According to the statements made by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Sadako Ogata,   “The two main functions of UNHCR are to provide international protection to refugees and to seek durable solutions to their problems.” UNHCR Centre for Documentation, 1993….

collecting more…



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