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Two Burmese Rohingya refugees beaten to unconscious
report of Habib, GS of Rohingya Human Rights Org on 8 July 2008,, collected from Rohingya net,

Two Rohingyas refugees were beaten to unconscious by a gang of local villagers of Sungai Ular village, 26080 Kuantan Township, Pahang state of Malaysia on 7 June 2008. They two are identified as Mr Noor Mohamed (UNHCR’s File number 04/ROH/01797) and Mr Hashim-30.

When a villager old man, Pak Ismail entering by motorcycle to the way of the road where Noor Mohamed and Hashim are also running by a motorcycle (plate number WQV-8256), through Kuantan-Kememan highway, the old man’s motorcycle was hit side by side from the back and the old man was fell down. Noor Mohamed stopped his bike and just helping to stand up the old man. Suddenly, a gang of about 20 villagers came-out from near the restaurant and beaten brutally to Noor Mohamed. He got unconscious and fell down there but Hasim who followed behind him escaped to away after beaten-up and felt down there. The group believed Noor Mohamed was dead and dragged away the body from the road.

Mr Noor Mohamed (UNHCR's File number 04/ROH/01797)

Bystanders from the same village say the group is leading as ‘gangster’ in the village and Kuantan township as well. They also afraid to the gang as they are barbarous and ferocious members of bone-head gang.

A few hour later, a fellow working friend from Kg Selamat-Kuantan found the victim Noor Mohd and secondly Hashim from a bit far, then lifted to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan, Kuantan township by two separate ambulances. After 3 days in hospital, some from the same gang came to threaten the victim’s family by saying, “we will cleans up the whole family if we knew any feed back or made a lodge report against us now or later”.

After recovery of the second victim Hasim-30, he asked for police report in police station. Concern quarter police warned him first to be ensure a proper document holder in making report against locals. Either, he would be detained. Consently, Hashim moved from that village for fear of arbitrary brutality.

Again in a week of this even, about 10 Burmese refugees had been beaten, robbed money and hand phones by the same group in the same village .

Un-actionable and no verdict for such behaviours. The phobic is that they beat brutally and inhumanly to who help an old man. That caused the victim Noor Mohd lost speaking, distinguishing, consciousness and control of excretion for ever after broken the skull, bleeding infiltrated into the brain and damaged an eye-ball. Yet, he is unconscious condition and monitored by the others. On 30 June 2008, the victim and his family leaved hospital, and moved to Kuala Lumpur for intensive treatment and security.

Mr Noor Mohamed's broken pice of skull

We, Rohingya Community seriously concerned over this matter of tyrant and it is a case of similar cases we receipt. We had reported to UNHCR and local NGO. This is the anger involved and discovered an elaboration to foreign-phobic and unacceptable gangsterism in sovereign and developing country. This deforms the veil of the sovereign nation.

Yet, the family is seeking for complete medication, UNHCR’s assistance and justice. In the regard of an eternal massage of justice and compassion, equality and humanity, peace and solidarity, we community hope;  this case will be brought to justice and concern quarter police authority would be soon take fair action on the right path,  SUHAKAM, and UNHCR will standby for them the victim will be treated medication completely and the rest of his wife, 3 child under 8 years old would be provided necessary assistances and  the victim and his family would be protected by UNHCR in order to avoid any future circumstances.


No Safe in Delivery and for New Born Baby
27 August 2008, reports of Habib collected from rohingyanet,

On 20 Aug 2008, a new born baby and mother were arrested from Hospital Seberang Jaya, Peneng state.
The mother was identified as Ms.Nofi, wife of Mr. Salim, a Rohingya refugee from Myanmar and both were recognized by UNHCR. After one day of her delivery, she and just two days old baby were handed over to Immigration by medical officer, at 10:30 am of the day.

full report:


Impacts of  Rohingya’s Close links to

5 March 2008, reports of Habib collected from Rohingyanet
UNHCR recognized a stateless Rohingya refugee, Mrs. Maimunah s/o Mohd Shukur ( UNHCR’s file No. 03/ROH/01540, who was born and grown-up in Malaysia ), had delivered a baby in Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL), on 09 March 2001.

But the child was kept at ICU for requirement weight. After 10 days on 20 March 2001, Maimunah and her husband Shafat Alam were arrested from National Registration Centre ( Willayah ) by immigration on the result of approaching for birth certificate.

full report:

Four Burmese Refugees  sentenced without proper trial
25 July 2008, reports of Habib collected from rohingyanet,
Four Burmese refugees got sentence without proper trial at Shah Alam court of Malaysia on 23 July 2008.

full report:


Advantage on Illegal Status in Malaysia

6 March 2008,reported of Habib collected from rohingyanet
Today,  Rela raid involved other enforcement authority arrest had continuously going on 4 weeks in Selayang Baru, KL area. Every night, at least 30 Myanmar refugees involving UNHCR recognized were arrested, and at least 2 or 3 were beaten in every raid. The raid also using the Crane for Rela members to take place early on the roof and then breaching the locks or door. For the advantage appendix, forfeit raids following from the rear and lifted refugees possessions by lorry.

full report:


An Innocence Burmese Refugee Dead During The Raid

A 22 years old Burmese Refugee was killed in Selayang Baru area, Kuala Lumpur, on 04 Nov 2007.  The victim was killed by Rela forces, during the raid at around 12:15 AM, of the day. And the victim was beated inhumanly and then pushed into the drain, front side of Pasar Lama.


Reviewing the Reported Numbers of recognized Rohingya Refugee Detainees In 2007

Escalated List of Rohingya Refugees Detained in Year 2008

Escalated List of Rohingya Refugees Detained in Year 2009



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