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Zarganar, Ashin Gambira Get Long Prison Terms

source from Irrawaddy news, 18 Nov 2008,

Burma’s best-known comedian Zarganar and the prominent monk Ashin Gambira were among 35 regime critics sentenced to long prison terms in another day of trials in Rangoon’s Insein Prison on Friday.

Zarganar, whose anti-regime satire was a constant thorn in the side of Burma’s ruling generals, was given a 45-year term. Gambira, one of the leaders of the September 2007 uprising, was sentenced to a total of 68 years.

Zarganar(l) and Ashin Gambira

The media friendly Zarganar was convicted on several criminal charges, including infringements of the Electronic Act, 505 b.  

Zarganar was arrested in the night of June 4 in a raid in which the authorities seized his computer, about US $1,000 (1,140,000 Kyat) in cash and three CDs containing footage of May’s cyclone devastation, the opulent wedding of junta leader Snr-Gen Than Shwe’s youngest daughter Thandar Shwe and the film “Rambo 4,” in which Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone fights Burmese government soldiers in a mission to rescue kidnapped westerners.    

The 29-year-old Gambira was also convicted on several charges, including offences under Section 505 A and B of the State Offence Act, Section 13/1 of the Immigration Act, Section 17/1 of the Illegal Organization Act, Section 33 A of the Electronic Act and Section 6 of the Organization Act.      

One of Zarganar’s associates, Zaw Thet Htwe, who helped him deliver aid to cyclone survivors, received a sentence of 15 years imprisonment. Another associate,
Tin Maung Aye, was sentenced to 29 years imprisonment and a third, Thant Zin Aung, received 15 years imprisonment.

The trials of Zarganar, Zaw Thet Htwe and Thant Zin Aung are still proceeding, and the court is expected to pronounce further sentences on them next week.

Thirteen members of the 88 Generation Students group received prison sentences ranging from three to five years on Friday and they are also expected to face further sentences next week, sources said.  

Five Buddhist monks were among a further eleven regime opponents who were also sentenced to prison terms on Friday, prison sources said. All took part in the September 2007 uprising. 

The 11 condemned were identified as Pyinya Thiha, Pyinya Dipa, Narapatint, Okantha Marla, Zarnayya and dissidents Htun Htun Naing, Than Htay, Soe Shwe, Ngwe Soe, Khin Htun and Kyaw San Lay.  

Htun Htun Naing, Than Htay, Ngwe Soe and Kyaw San Lay were each sentenced to four years imprisonment for offences under sections 145 and 505 b of the criminal code, said one source close to the court. Khin Htun sentenced to four-and-half-years for offences under sections 143, 145, 505 b.

The sentences handed out to the monks are not yet known. All of them are from Tharthana Theippan monastery in Rangoon’s Bahan Township.     

Tharthana Theippan was the scene of a ceremony held by members of the 88 Generation Students group in August 2007 to mark the 19th anniversary of the 1988 uprising. The ceremony honored the students, monks and citizens who lost their lives during the uprising.
In Thursday’s sessions of the current wave of trials, about 20 detained activists were given prison sentences of between two and six years. They included the Burmese hip-hop star Zayar Thaw, who is a leading member of Generation Wave, a dissidents group founded by young Burmese activists during the September 2007 uprising. 

More than one hundred democracy supporters, including Buddhist monks, defense lawyers, members of the opposition National League for Democracy and the 88 Generation Students group have so far been sentenced by Burmese courts since the beginning of November. The longest sentence was the 68 year term of imprisonment handed out to Ashin Gambira on Friday.


17,000 respond in move to register stateless people in Sabah

source from nst online, 25 Nov 2008,

KOTA KINABALU: A move by the state government to register stateless individuals in Sabah had 17,000 people responding to it in a span of a week.


Of the total, 1,272 were registered to be considered for the temporary identity document, also known as the “green IC”, while the rest did not qualify.

“Most of them who qualified were youths who did not have any form of status,” said state secretary Datuk Sukarti Wakiman yesterday.

He earlier attended a briefing by the National Registration Department at the State security council meeting chaired by Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman.

He said those who turned up included 91 foreigners who were later detained by the Immigration department after they were found to be illegal immigrants. These foreigners, caught in Tawau, are now waiting to be deported.

Sukarti also said the Immigration department registered 192,889 foreign labourers and 119,948 dependents between August and October this year. The figure included those who are here legally and illegally.

“We are now in the process of getting the governments of our neighbouring countries to issue travel documents to those labourers who are here illegally, so that their presence can be properly regulated,” he said.

The move to register the foreign labourers and their dependents was made after the state launched an integrated operation to track down illegal immigrants. The federal government has set aside RM50 million for this purpose.

“We have spent RM2.4 million from the fund and this year we have repatriated 14,628 illegal immigrants,” said Sukarti, who is also the chief coordinator for the on- going operation.

Since the massive swoop was launched, 29,575 people have been checked, of whom 16,083 were detained. He said the police had also checked 20,615 people this year and detected 11,816 illegal immigrants.

“We have now completed 30 series of operations with a few more to go before early next month,” he said, adding their focus thus far had been on the west coast and interior of the state.

“By next year we will move on to the east coast districts on a bigger scale. At the same time the security forces and enforcement agencies will continue their efforts to track down illegal immigrants in the west coast as a daily routine,” he added.

Burmese Refugees arrested In Malaysia

 researcher Theng,

Four of Burmese refugee families were arrested by enforcement authority in Seremban, Malaysia on 19 Nov 2008.


All of them are identified as UNHCR recognized Rohingya refugees from Burma. One of the Rohingya who escaped from the raids said that the raid started at 9:30pm and about 30 people  including children were arrested. He added, “one of them is Ms Sakinah (UNHCR file No.04/ROH/02104) and her husband while their way to back home. All of them were sent to Lenggeng detention camp. But Ms Sakinah’s children are crying for mother back and currently no one to care them ”.


Rohingya community in KL had talked to ‘the sail’ that violations are in placed  in the respect of enforcement rules, no matter children or sick or pregnant. And these are not happenings only today.  We have no choice due to frontier concerned quarter remains quietly.

He also criticized strongly on “Youssouf Oomar (Unicef representative to Malaysia)‘s thesis highlighted that organization has been working with the government for 54 years (Source from NST p-14, 20 Nov 2008)”.

“I don’t know why he was not appeared today, the rights of refugees children were violated and closed with detention and uncertain deportation since 20 years ago. It came to believe that they were exploited by concern quarters. Their working 54 years is absolutely true, but not for refugee children.” He added.


Rohingya community from Kelantan said, “UNHCR recognized two Rohingya refugees were arrested from construction site of Kelantan on  17 Nov 2008. One was identified as Nurmamed”.

Rohingyas Community from Pudu said, “Md.Salim (03/ROH/01709) and Azam (512-03C-00985) were arrested during the raids in Pudu area at 3:30pm of 08 Nov 2008 . And they were sent to Malacca detention camp, far about 200 Km from KL. We community had reported several times to UNHCR office but the arrestees are still remaining in detention center, like before”.


In the letter of a confidential source included that during this months, others 32 persons of unregistered Rohingy refugees were also arrested from Sungai Besi and Ampang point areas.

“Burmese Refugees Meet Intentional Violations In Malaysia”

 researcher Theng,

An Innocence Burmese Refugee was beated by 3 locals in Johor , Kota Tinggi, on 07 Nov 2008.

the victim 

the victim, Mr. Md Alam (UNHCR file No. 512-03C-01720 )


The victim was identified as Mr. Alam (UNHCR file No. 512-03C-01720 ), a Rohingya refugees from Burma. According to his thesis, he is spending in 20 years and await for UNHCR mandate.


Mr. Alam added the talks to the sail that when 3 years date of UNHCR ID card is going to be expired, he managed to approached to UNHCR-KL from Kota Kecil, Kota Tinggi, Johor state. At about 8:30pm of the day, while he back to home after bought a bus-ticket to KL, he was stopped by 3 local Malays by 2 motor-bikes. They asked his IC and passport and said they are polices. When Md Alam replied he know all polices from that area and if they were polices he would follow to police station, one of them had beat trice to his head from the back by spanner and the rest two men kicked and punched.  Suddenly, he was laid down there and his wallet included about 500RM, UNHCR ID card, bus ticket, and hand-phone, watch were looted by them. Beside neighbors were looking this event. He was lifted to police station of Kota Tinggi and admitted hospital and spent through 2 days in coma condition.


“On his approached to UNHCR-KL office on 10 Nov 2008, UNHCR’s officer wrote down the event but when the victim asked for the condition of relocation to a safe environment and necessary assistance for his mental suffering, UNHCR’s officer urged to wrote letter to ensure that he needs assistance”. In his conclusion.


The sources from Kota Tinggi added that a few hours later, another Burmese Rohingya refugee was beated in the same day at the same place.


Rohingya community from Penang said, “UNHCR recognized a Rohingya refugee Mr. Abdu Sukur had been beaten to bloody and coma by several locals, on 10 Nov 2008. We had been targeted by both enforcement authority and local specially. In many raids, the enforcement authorities don’t know our places but followed by villager locals. Several times we been introduced with extortion, arrests, and uncertain deportation. In the middle of Oct 2008,  some Burmese refugees were deported from Semenyith camp. At the event of  handing-over to the trafficker agent, one of them was shot dead by agent’s gunman for trying to escape. Whereas, the other deportees confirmed that gunmen are the people of Hj. Nabi”.


Again, Rohingya community from Selayang had informed to the sail by phone that a 20 years old Burmese Rohingya Refugee Mr. Mohd Hashim ( UNHCR file No. 03/ROH/01514 ), had been beaten brutally by local Indians gang and broken both legs, a hand, and head in Taman Willah, Selayang Baru, at 10:30pm on 11 Nov 2008. Then, they put some drug to the victim’s pocket and handed over to polices. Although the victim was detained wrongfully as drug dealing and crime case, in police lock-up of Sentul- KL, his mother Ms Halimah was told by police that to search at the prison of Kajang or Sungai Buloh prison on 14 Nov 2008. We community had sent a request letter for UNHCR’s assistance.


In the report of Chin Community from Bukit Bintang sent to the sail, “UNHCR’s reconized 26 Burmese Refugees were arrested by Rela raid in Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang-KL at 3:30pm, on 13 Nov 2008.” Report also confirmed that 7 of them are Rohingyas and the rest are Chins.


In the interview with UNHCR’s recognized the two deportee Burmese refugees, Mr Yoosuf-15 (UNHCR file No. 512-03C-01224 ) and Mr Mohd Ali (UNHCR file No. 512-04C-02158), were arrested in Pandan Perdana by immigration forces on 16 July 2008 and detained in Putrajay Immigration lock-up for 2 moths without hearing court order. After that they were detained in KLIA detention center. Later of one month and 25 days detention in KLIA, the two together 46 Burmese refugees were sold-out to trafficker by government immigration official and benefited 500RM for each, at the Malay-Thai border, at about 23:00pm of 07 Nov 2008. They two also talked about continuing the horrific conditions, inhumane abuses, overcrowding and providing malnutrition food in both Putrajaya immigration lock-up and KLIA detention center. They also shocked to express that why they had not been visited or asked or informed by concern quarter UNHCR. Further more, in their confirmation, one of UNHCR’s recognized Burmese refugee long-term detainee Mr Yunus-23 had sent a call for his isolation one year in KLIA detention camp .The similar suffering in KLIA by many migrant workers from various countries are from mostly India, Srilanka, Burma are pending over a year to get return to home country.

An activist sent a clarification related to the cases of 45 illegal Burmeses who were arrested from Padang Besar-Alor star on 03  Sept 2008, which was highlighted in TV3-999 program on 13 Nov 2008. He confirmed those 45 are Rohingya refugees from Burma and they are in need of intervention by their custody UNHCR, might not be ignored.


Young Burmese Blogger Sentenced to more than 20 Years in Jail

source from irrawaddy news, 10 Nov 2008,

A young Burmese blogger who was a major source of information for the outside world on the brutal regime crackdown on the September 2007 uprising was sentenced to 20 years and six months imprisonment on Monday.

Nay Phone Latt, 28, was sentenced by a court in Rangoon’s Insein Prison, according to his mother, Aye Than. He was convicted of contravening Public Offense Act 505 B by posting a cartoon depicting junta leader Snr-Gen Than Shwe on his blog site.

Nay Phone Latt

Nay Phone Latt’s colleague Thin July Kyaw was sentenced to two years imprisonment, Aye Than reported.

Another dissident who ridiculed the regime, Saw Wai, was sentenced to two years imprisonment for publishing a poem mocking Than Shwe in the weekly Love Journal, according to Rangoon sources. The first words of each line of the Burmese language poem spelled out the message “Senior General Than Shwe is foolish with power.”  

Nay Phone Latt’s blogs during the September 2007 uprising provided invaluable information about events within the locked-down country.

Two Rangoon journalists, Htun Htun Thein and Khin Maung Aye, of the privately-owned weekly News Watch, were arrested on November 5 and are being detained in Insein Prison. The media rights organizations Reporters without Borders and Burma Media Association have demanded their immediate release.

The current regime crackdown is also aimed at silencing legal attempts to ensure fair trials for dissidents now appearing before judges in closed court sessions.

Two weeks ago, three defense lawyers, Nyi Nyi Htwe, Aung Thein and Khin Maung Shein were imprisoned for between four and six months for contempt of court after complaining of unfair treatment.

Four other defense lawyers, Kyaw Hoe, Maung Maung Latt, Myint Thaung and Khin Htay Kyew have been barred from representing their clients since November 5, according to Kyaw Hoe. The lawyers are representing several dissidents, including members of the 88 Generation Students group.         

“I asked a prison authority why I was not allowed to appear in court,” said Kyaw Hoe. “He said there was no reason and that the order had come from higher officials.”

Members of the 88 Generation Students group were now appearing daily in court without their defense lawyers, Kyaw Hoe said.  

Two lawyers, Myint Thaung and Khin Htay Kyi, who represent the prominent labor activist Su Su Nway, withdrew from court proceedings at the weekend, citing unfair treatment, according to the accused’s sister, Htay Htay Kyi. 

Htay Htay Kyi said Su Su Nway would be sentenced on Tuesday. The winner of the 2006 John Humphrey Freedom Award was originally charged with “threatening the stability of the government,” under articles 124, 130 and 505 of the penal code, but new charges have now been added.

In a statement in Washington, the US State Department criticized the imprisonment of the four defense lawyers and urged the Burmese regime to drop all charges and release them.  
Deputy Spokesman Robert Wood called on the junta to stop harassing and arresting citizens for peacefully practicing their internationally recognized human rights, to release all political prisoners, and to start a genuine dialogue with democratic forces and ethnic minority groups for democratic reform in Burma.



Correction: November 12, 2008

In its online report ‘Young Burmese Blogger Sentenced to more than 20 Years in Jail,’
(Monday, November 10), The Irrawaddy erroneously said Nay Phone Latt, a Rangoon blogger, had been convicted and sentenced for posting a cartoon depicting junta leader Snr-Gen Than Shwe on his blog site. Nay Phone Latt was in fact convicted of possessing a cartoon of the general in his email.

The Irrawaddy also erroneously reported that Nay Phone Latt’s blogs during the September 2007 uprising provided invaluable information about events in Burma. Although Nay Phone Latt was convicted under the Electronics Act, which forbids Internet contact with addresses outside Burma, there is no proof that he used his blog site to report on the events of September 2007.

9 Muslim Leaders Sentenced to Over 10 Years in Arakan Burma

11/11/2008 , source from Narinjara news
A Maungdaw Township court in Arakan State sentenced one Muslim community leader to over 13 years, and another eight community leaders to ten years in prison on 5 November, 2008, said a lawyer from Maungdaw on the condition of anonymity.

He said, “The Maungdaw Township court sentenced the nine Muslim leaders on 5 November to long terms in prison on charges of illegally forming an association. ”

Lawyer Ko Than Tun, who was arrested in March 2008, was sentenced to 13 years in prison on three charges, including formation of an illegal organization and having connections to illegal organizations in exile.

Ko Kyaw Win, who was founder of the NLD branch in Maungdaw Township, along with seven Muslim community leaders, was sentenced to ten years in prison on charges of forming an illegal organization.

Burmese military authorities arrested 12 Muslim leaders in a raid in Maungdaw in March 2008 which found the community leaders sitting in a room together discussing some issues.

Among those arrested, nine have been sentenced to long prison terms, while three were released unconditionally. Those released are Dr. Hla Myint, Nurl Ko Bir, and Dr Anwar.


40 Burmese Dissidents Given Prison Terms of up to 65 Years

source from Irrawaddy news, 11 Non 2008,

About 40 Burmese dissidents, including Buddhist monks, members of the 88 Generation Students group, a prominent labor activist and individual social activists were given prison sentences of up to 65 years by a court in Rangoon’s Insein Prison today, relatives reported.

Fourteen members of the 88 Generation Students group, including Min Zeya, Jimmy, Arnt Bwe Kyaw, Panneik Tun, Nilar Thein and Mie Mie, received the heaviest sentences—65 years.

A crowd in front of Rangoon’s Insein Prison. (Photo: AFP)

Nine dissidents from Bogalay in the Irrawaddy delta were given prison terms of between eight and 24 years.

Five monks from Rangoon’s Ngwe Kyar Yan monastery each received prison sentences of six years and six months.

A prominent labor rights activist, Su Su Nway, was sentenced to 12 years and six months.   

The well-known musician Win Maw and HIV/AIDS activist Than Naing each received sentences of six years imprisonment. Other activists were given sentences of up to 24 years.

Sources said a further 14 members of the 88 Generation Students group and a number of social activists were scheduled to appear before the court on Thursday. All remaining detained activists would be sentenced by November 25, sources said.

The condemned members of the 88 Generation Students showed defiance in the face of the draconian sentences, said one source.

Min Zeya replied to the reading of his sentence: “Only 65 years?” Mie Mie shouted: “We will never be frightened.”

Others shouted:  “Free Burma!”

In late October, nine leaders of the 88 Generation Students group, including Min Ko Naing, Ko Ko Gyi and Pyone Cho, were sentenced to six months imprisonment for contempt of court. They were later transferred from Insein Prison to Maubin Prison in Irrawaddy Division. 

Win Maung, Pyone Cho’s father, said he expected the nine to be sentenced soon on the main charges against them. They were arrested while leading demonstrations in August 2007 against spiraling price rises.

Three defense lawyers, Nyi Nyi Htwe, Aung Thein and Khin Maung Shein have also been sentenced to prison terms of between four and six months for contempt of court after complaining of unfair treatment.  

On Monday, a young Burmese blogger who largely provided information for the outside world on the brutal regime crackdown on the September 2007 uprising was sentenced to 20 years and six months imprisonment.




“Burmese Refugees Arrested In Malaysia”

researcher Theng,

About 100 Burmese refugees were arrested by Rela and Immigration raids on 09 Nov 2008.


They were identified as Rohingya refugees from Burma. The sources said, “most of them are UNHCR recognized card holder refugees and some of them are yet to be registered with UNHCR if UNHCR opened new registration of its refugees”.


The sources also added, “ they were separately arrested as 22 persons from Peneng, 3 persons from Puchong Permai- at the morning, 36 persons from Balakong– at the evening 5:00pm, others from Kajang and Kuantan. Some of them were sent to Malacca detention camp and 3 from Puchong Permai were remaining in Puchong police lock-up. During this week, the raids targeted the Rohingya refugees as they needed to find out the encouragement between UNHCR and enforcement authorities. The authorities are likely to be angry on UNHCR’s mis-informing of UNHCR card holder Rohingy refugees would be allowed to worked, stayed and protected here- according to the result from the twice times meeting with official enforcement director in Selayang. Again, 3 Rohingya refugees were arrested from Kajang  on 11 Nov 2008”.


A local authority from Selayang said, “even though we are helping refugees by allowing to work at the market or not, they already working illegally where hard to get locals. When their status was creating a numerous problems and UN agency has lack to provide assistances, we have the need to solve kindly. That is why we encouraged and had having meeting with UNHCR, Municipal and local community. But the agency must not violate the enforcement’s rules to clarify illegals. For eg, enforcement authority has the right to arrest anyone who absent to prove the document which issued by immigration department, even to any local who absent to show Malaysian-IC. You people have to prove graphically, but not by verbally”.


An arrestee family’s member said, “I am very confused to understand that why our custody UNHCR staffs had have mis-informing to us when visited to Selayang, Cheras, and Ampang. If we were informed the real status and conditions, it would be able to help to avoid from the raids. At least, we had been beaten inhumanly and threaten by locals. Now, our people were arrested again and again, UNHCR is likely disposing us into the circle of’”.


An activist explained that once return or local integration is being unavailable option, the 3rd option of relocation to its signatory country is only a way of safety net for long-standing Rohingya refugees. Their right to meet international obligation may not be violated or deprived. A legal restriction of restriction emotionally against sharing international obligation, should be adopted soon by international community.






Rohingyas in Malaysia and Reality of Imm-13 Process

 An activist from Malaysia had sent a letter to us. In his mail ….Dear the sail, I hope you will reserve acc to freedom of expression due to others quarters need information.

As we know, All refugees were recognized as illegals in Malaysia. But non-Muslim refugees are the most prioritized in the process of permanent protection through relocation in 3rd country, whether our custody practices discrimination role or not.

In peninsular Malaysia, four decades ruler BN party is very keen to recognize the long standing Rohingya refugees, but the recognition of-‘refugees’ rights must be protected’ in the host was deprived by enforcement authorities; they yet own UNHCR ID card and remains as illegal refugees; their children are not allowed to go to the public school. For the matter of the country has no legislation for refugees and as an un-signatory country, it had early called to the agency UNHCR to settle its refugees through relocation to its signatory countries. The host also pointed out to signatory country refusing to receive refugees.

Burma rulers declared officially that Rohingyas are not its citizens nor ethnic group. Therefore, “the host government tried to share temporary status through issuing Imm-13 in the year of 2006 as migrant workers-targeting to repatriate them”, is not welcomed to Rohingya community. As, they should be solved permanently according to refugees conventions and in regard of their critic condition in Burma.

The Borneo born refugees in Sabah state have been displaced twice times and wrangled many times, is a remarkable and terrible plight. That sent shock signal to Rohingya community in Malaysia. UNHCR therefore required to treat equally in the context of resettlement quota, to include Rohingya refugees without further delay. Their rights would not be exploited by planning any-more artificial strategics.


Conspiracy Engagement:

Refugee programme took place in KL on 26 Jan 2006. Over 50 participants partners had been presented there, mainly UNHCR, SUHAKAM, The Bar Council, Civil Societies, Academia and Human Rights Groups. Ironic in the joint planning was that unless caution of tandem affects, they all decided to embark according to a new overall strategy-2004s paved by UNHCR-Malaysia.

After submitted a proposal by various quarters, Prime Minister department’s minister Md Zin Abdul Hamid had been handled as an in-charge for the management of Imm-13 project. The process of registration started on 01st Aug 2006. Before the process, authentic minister Md Zin had secretly managed to receive benefit for his commitment towards this project. The Rohingya community leaders who could monitor the Imm-13 process, is therefore responsible to provide this benefit amount for the minister. But minister had proposed that this benefit not to come from Rohingyas. Then, they agreed to define the rate 90RM for levy, 50 RM for agent and 20 RM for transportation.

According to minister’s separate convocation, there were mainly 3 groups to run the process. They are; RIC, CRIPDO, Zarul. RIC was led by Mr Sawmi Ullah who became Malaysian from Bangladeshi passport holder. CRIPDO organization was newly founded for Imm-13 project and led by Mr Mustafa, an occasional Rohingya refugee leader having closed link with the relatives of prime minister department. Zarul is a Malay Datuk and who currently handles outsourcing from various countries therefore he assigned Mr Jalal leader of ORSM to handle it. Due to Mr Sawmi Ullah(RIC) has good relation with ABIM’s president. He gained more communication with the minister and unavoidably agreed to provide the minister expected amount. But this certain amount would be came from substitution of thousand Bangladeshi people.

Mr Sawmi Ullah reformed his organization RIC with new bodies, mostly replaced persons who are zealot in careerist and promised to benefit each of its members. Thus, we found Bangladeshis, Burmese migrant workers were among the group. When the process started in KLIA immigration detention camp, there were many agencies and brokers took place in monitoring. Of those Bangladeshis-brought by RIC were captured by immigration staffs and other Rohingya leaders. At least 50 Bangladeshis and hundred non-Rohingyas were captured within 3 working days and RIC members were insulted for that. So, Mr Sawmi Ullah felt unhealthy and broke the promise kept with the minister. Consequences of that the minister kicked out the RIC by giving various reasons.

Finally, Mr Sawmi Ullah had despatched an open complaint letter to Home Minister of Malaysia and copy to Prime Minister, Anti-Corruption Agency, and SUHAKAM, on 13 Aug 2006. Tactically, the complaint letter was signed by Mr. Abdul Ghani@ Malay Lalu(deputy director, and public relation & organizing of RIC), and approved by 34 members of EC.

When the process stopped on 15 Aug 2006, about 3000 Rohingya refugees registered and others were believed to be non-Rohingyas. Because contracted groups had encouraged more on others in the respect of its benefits. Moreover, most of Rohingya refugees did not participate in this tempo- solution process and the problems with fees is high for family holders. Yet, Rohingya refugees aware on problems creating, mis-leading and mis-answering remain in RIC. Unfortunately, UNHCR-Malaysia holds and supports RIC. The suffering refugees always said that those leaders had never been arrested or suffered or treated inhumanly. So, that they don’t sympathy on them. They survive on Rohingyas and they mis-attained benefits on behalf of Rohingyas. They are very familiar with UNHCR and authorities.

ABIM allowed a space for RIC had been made the RIC leaders to collect money for Imm-13 as early as two months before the start of the process. That gained more trusts of Rohingyas and collected 150 to 350-RM from each of at least 5,000 Rohingyas. During RIC accessed for five days, it had managed Imm-13 receipts for less than thousand persons. The rest of those collected money from vulnerable Rohingyas were not return to them and exploited it. Hereupon, RIC’s president Mr Sawmi Ullah was expelled forcefully by its members.

Zarul is a respected Datuk and gave the contract to Mr Jalal leader of ORSM and an ex-convict. However, Zarul ensured ORSM to guide fairly. And Jalal had invited some active Rohingya youth into his organization that lead no corruption was occurred. Its active youth who later separated from ORSM stressed that when the process was stopped, about 6,000-RM collected from Rohingyas in Penang-was kept by Mr Jalal but it was not paid back to them or used for his-own welfare.


Frustration Plights:

Burmese Rohingya refugees were causally forced to spend in Malaysia. But it would be never happened as we expect. As, Malaysian government alone would be responsible at last. Creation of conspiracy is unseen-able as Malaysian government asked for the numbers of Rohingya refugees, concern quarters raised all numbers of hosting various refugees in Malaysia. And unclear miserable reasons remained for why did Malaysian government hand-over the project to individual and why did UNHCR play its role in verbal task. The worst is that concern quarters talking yet about the past about year-2004, but they are not allowed refugees to talk about the past.

Due to pressurizing by various quarters, the host enforcement authorities continued to sweep illegals, where refugees are also comprised. Hence, concern quarters’ mandate is just a task and failed to protect refugees even to provide legal-aid, and to prevent from uncertain deportation. It is also true that as a host country, how long it can allow refugees by hosting.

Finally, refugees continue to face various violations and concern quarters win strengthening bigger than bigger. It is also pointed as a main task of own interest.

Rohingya refugees in Malaysia also would like to urge the Women’s Commission for Refugee women & children‘s mission in Sept 2008- to reveal its recommendation. Because its commend to issue work permit to Rohingya population, is really really against with their plights. It had also mis-worded as Burmese Refugee Women Struggle To Make a Living in Malaysia. In my studied with Burmese Refugee Women group from KL, they were also suffering in similar and their statement was different.

Unfortunately, all of these ways are being a conspiracy to deprive Rohingya refugees’ rights which guaranteed in Refugees Convention. We are here to seek our rights but we fear the term integration into local through localization that would hinder our rights. This would be lead a gross human rights violation again.


9 Burmese Refugees Arrested In Malaysia

 Researcher James,

9 Burmese refugees were arrested by Rela and Immigration raid on 04 Nov 2008.


They were identified as Burmese Rohingya refugees. The sources from Klang said that the raid started at 8:00pm, about 200 people were lifted by 3 lorries, including 9 Rohingya refugees from Meru-Setia, Klang area. But they don’t know the 9 Rohingya refugees are recognized or not , due to frontier UNHCR-Malaysia had stopped its new registration of Rohingya refugees.


Rohingya refugees community said, “yesterday on 05 Nov 2008, UNHCR’s acting a confidant person had been hold a meeting with Rohingya refugees in Klang. In the meeting, he proposed not to join in any demonstration to UNHCR. The next day again in Cheras Baru on 06 Nov 2008, UNHCR’s FST head officer Ms. Elly had asked about why Rohingya refugees from Cheras coming less for extension of ID card. She also explained that UNHCR card holders would not be arrested and this UNHCR ID card holders would be protected”.


Therefore, a refugee activist expressed his surprise against the various unscrupulous thesis of UNHCR that found different thesis delivery when people approached to UNHCR office and in time of UNHCR approached to people. He also added, “FST team has very actived to prevent the Rohingya refugeess’ seeking to reinstall their obligation like others refugees and holding expression of the truth. But UNHCR don’t know on Refugees unrest with its extension 3 years again and again, continuing 512, wording the ‘bin’ word for double standard roles, and isolation without an adequate solution for only Rohingya Muslim refugees”.

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